"Our world is being destroyed because too many of us lack the courage to do what is right" #quotes

Why would the Dems want taxpayers to pay for charging stations for their Teslas?
The taxpayers didn't pay to build the oil companies when Henry Ford produced all those cars.
What the hell?

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He said we’re either going to spread the message, are we are going to “SPREAD” the virus ...

Proceeds go say , THE SKY IS FALLING & the only thing that can save you is a jab 👁... ( interesting)


How can any healthcare worker hear something like this and still be OK with murdering people.. the jab is obviously Working its INFECTED THE BRAIN of some ppl .They cant read under , between, or over the lines

“ convince people” or BRAINWASH PPL ???☹️!

You don’t think they know that people aren’t going to be free willingly letting people ta

if a specific tactic

is not producing the desired results

it's time to change tactics

we need to closely examine

our methods and tactics

and their effectiveness

"We have a couple of myths...

that I would really encourage us to get over

and one is social change happens by moral suasion

it doesn't.

It happens by force" #quote

I don't care if white people's perceptions of Black children is distorted

consequences will force them to understand

the govt wants to outlaw the truth

and force people to accept their lies

"i really need y'all to stop believing in the "goodness" of politicians"


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