Violence is always the answer when it comes to my kids lol…Nah, I let her handle this and I’m proud of whatever she decides.

I could be so cool with bugs if they didn't try to land on you n shit. But for some reason they choose violence every time

In response Clarène Klarke to her Publication

3. Death is a joke, Racism is a joke, animal cruelty is a joke, domestic violence is a joke, suicide is a joke , sexual violence is a joke , addiction is a joke, mental illness is a joke, disabilities are a joke, pedophilia is a joke. Everything is a joke. We love a good joke.

In response Unc Dave to his Publication

Lmaooooo I am being spoiled, BUT I WANT IT 😭😭😭. Thank you in advanced for being a most gracious leader and and making it happen sans violence 🙃☺️.

In response Drae Drae to his Publication

omg 😳😭😭 VIOLENCE 😭🤣🤣🤣☠️

In response Kiani Kiani to her Publication woke up and chose violence huh

Black women & girls could benefit from #safezonemobile being that we are the least protected & ignored by police and the media. I follow this YouTuber that spotlights the injustices of Black girls who have lost their lives to senseless violence.

Almost every day, Memphis PD post missing person posters and 99% of the time, it’s Black men, Black women, and Black child.

So Imagine how many more are missing in other cities.

Safe Zone Mobile aims to provide “A” solution!
#blkem #safezonemobile #neweradetroit

Whewwww. The violence. 😭

In response Niece S. to her Publication

oh. MY apologies for having functioning tastebuds 😩

reverse colorism is not a real thing 😭💀coming from a biracial, I promise being called every lightskin joke in the book is not stopping as many opportunities or inciting mass scale violence compared to our darker brothers n sisters

Summer Walker- The Sense Dat God Gave You
NBA YB- Stop The Violence
Hezekiah walker-Power Belongs to God

👀 Afternoon Cousinsssss...... 😃

wanna do another #MusicMonday
What's one of your favorite songs right now? What have you had on repeat? New, old, slept on artists... etc.

🗣 PUT US ON!!!

I'll start: The internet x Hold On

I woke up and chose to inflict violence on my body.. I woke and ate Chili pie for breakfast (it was good af, woke up thinking about it.) Then I made veggie breakfast burritos, and I drake 3-4 cups of Colombian coffee before 10am.


In response Sue Money to her Publication

Thank you beautiful.❤️
I’m okay because sadly I have lost so many people to gun violence. Sadly I am numb.. SMH
But all the love y’all send will be sent to my friend. He appreciates it from everyone. 😔❤️

#BlkemConfessions Trap music makes me feel turned up and sad as fuck at the same damn time! I feel the hood and the songs we sing but damn the gun violence is tearing me to pieces.

In response Sue Money to her Publication

No violence, slight judgement, but to each, their own..

That Troll King just wanted to go home, but as per usual, colonizers had gentrified his palace and used violence to keep the man out.

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