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I mean we still talk every now and then but I can just tell it’s not the same and I feel like if I have to question it then I already know the answer, I’ve never had to question it til now

@Blkem still rocking out with y’all since day one keep growing keep applying pressure

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oh I just read this so disregard my last blurt. I would still talk to her about how I feel tho and see if any changes are made instead of just chalking it up as the friendship being over.

I still feel like the only reason she did that is because I moved and she knew it wouldn’t be any consequences cause baybehhhh I don’t play when it comes to principle or disrespect.

Covid is scarily debilitating. I will not play with that shit at all. Even at school, like the majority of us in the science department are still masked and at least fully vaccinated. Like it’s astonishing how the every day person doesn’t even realize what’s about to happen 😅

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aye you better than me I ain't leave the cold to then switch with someone still in the cold

My co-worker in NY has only been here for a minute and she believes that because she is now assisting two of the sales reps that her title is now "Key Account Manager" I asked my boss if he gave her that title, and he said no so I bust out laughing. Miss Ma'am, you gave yourself a title for doing the same thing I am doing. I have almost every sales rep including still handling one that I transferred to you! That doesn't make your position any different than mine and that title is a flat-out lie. #BFFR 😂😂😂

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just the sight of it tho. it could be a picture and ima still have the same reaction anxiety on 10 heart racing.

Morning cousins! I see the #blkempoetryslam is still going …

This old lady might have something kicking around from a past life or two 😏

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lol yo this hear be having me full af.. lemons gotta be curbing the appetite or sumn 🤷🏽‍♂️but going through sunday.. may finish out January if I'm still feeling good tho

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I really go places to experience culture in food… I’ve been wanting to do the triple crown one year for the longest. And then all of the distilleries and barbecue down there made it the perfect place to do a little bit of everything.

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Crazy thing is when you run into black people who still code switch that try to convince you thats the only way you supposed to carry yourself in the business world. Like no, I can talk how I want, dress how I like, and still be professional. They don't own professionalism

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I didn’t think it was that messy. BUT! it did lead to the court case and then I think one person got triggered and took the court case too far? (still not sure how that happened but yeah) and then after that was the whole caphouse catastrophe, and THAT was messy.

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