Brainless. Some of these girls act as i f they were the only girls born with a puzzy. They are overly sexual, even with children, which makes them a danger to all children. She should be helping him learn to read bc no one else cares if he knows or not.

This shxt so disturbing to me…
How do you introduce this type of stuff to your sons & expect them to grow up being well rounded, respectable, sincere, genuine, protective men that Love women??? Crying about getting played by dudes & how there’s no good men when you’re putting your own kids on the track to being JUST like that. There’s no good men/women bc there’s no good PARENTS. What don’t we get about healthy parenting???

I agree. Women have a "fertility window" when you can get pregnant. It's not that difficult to NOT HAVE SEX for 1 week! Remember when you figure out your fertility window that sperm can survive for up to 3 days inside your body. SO WER A CONDOM! AIDS IS STILL OUT HERE!

Everyone’s (choosing) to be upset when life literally goes on. If anything this should encourage us to choose our partners more wisely & not let just anyone in our temple🤷🏾‍♀️

Because Black men claim they won't have sex with you unless you let them raw-dog you. Desperate black women accept this bc of low-self-esteem and can end up pregnant from a 1-night stand. ALWAYS, ALWAYS ALWAYS USE A CONDOM! AIDS is still out here! Incurable STDs are still out here.

If you can’t even see yourself coparenting with a person why allow them to put their seed in you?

Boys out here getting molested young, introduced to sex, half naked women, gangsta rappers, violence etc & we wonder whyyy some of them grow up into becoming perverts or hyper sexual & only seeing women as meat. It is not THEIR fault it’s YOURS as a mf parent that won’t allow your kid to be a kid. Women be hating perverts but grooming their kids to be just THAT. How you expect a kid to be wholesome when you putting ass in his face???

• Mike Tyson was convicted for sexual assault.
• Magic Johnson joined the historic "Dream Team" following his HIV positive announcement, months earlier.
• Bill Cosby ended an 8 year run of his mega-successful 'Cosby Show', on NBC.
• Prince changed his in dispute with WB

The Parallel Paths Podcast - Sacral Chakra
- in our series of going through the chakras, we take our journey to the Sacral Chakra which rules our water element and characteristics like expression, creativity and sexuality. Watch the episode now on

yall i real live want a gf but im so afraid to befriend females let alone have sex while not intoxicated. 🤦🏾‍♀️

We can't help them, Bw. Let them go. If it hadn't been this crack-head, it would have been another equally filthy #Neanderthal .

Their self-hate has rotted their souls so badly that our only alternative is to stop giving birth to them. We can't change Bm culture bc we are not a part of it. It is passed down to young men from the diseased minds of older Bm.

Lennon Lacy Lynched Over Relationship With White Crackhead - YouTube

Welcome to my channel Runaway Slave. This channel was created to promote my self-published masterpiece The N-Word Is No Secret In The Service. I wrote this b...

also, while you alr here, lemme tell you heffas something: BLACK FEMMES ARE NOT YOUR FUCKING SEX TOYS. we deserve relationships,l and true genuine feelings. you not just finna keep fucking on us and think shit sweet, don’t pmo fr.

‘Sextortionists’ are increasingly targeting young men for money. The outcome can be deadly. 🤦🏿‍♂️

Wouldn’t need an abortion if we were having sex with men who actually adored children. Who saw children as precious little beings that deserve life, guidance & love. Having all this irresponsible sex with men & women you not even in love with just so you can abort the child cause coparenting is not an option since y’all never really respected eachother like that outside of the bedroom

I wish women would stop having unprotected sex with men who don’t even LIKE kids. Never talked about them, never asked for them, never held them, never spoke good things about them, just out here letting these deadbeats put all their kids in you just so you can get an “abortion” or be a single mom . Something has got to give & we have got to start taking accountability

Its hilarious reading about Black people getting bent out of shape about Roe v. Wade. But at the same time, it's rather sad. Too many of my people lack self control and judgment in the sex department.

And let some of them tell it, most of us are the product of rape today....

What are the traits that define Web 3.0?

How long has long has the Metaverse actually been around?

What's the next innovation for Cloud technology?

Join us as we get down to the basics of understanding the new digital age, with Jurnell Cockhren (Civic Hacker), Rashad Russell (Beyond Light Creations) and co-host of The D.A.M. Podcast, Brian Sexton. #thatsthescenario #BlackRadio #technology #NFTs #virtualreality #blackintech #metaverse #digitalcurrency

Neely Fuller Jr
Each and every Victim of Racism should minimize the time and effort spent doing anything other than, thinking, speaking, and acting, in a manner that helps to eliminate Racism, and helps to establish justice. Each and every person should seek to do this, every day, in every area of activity, including Economics, Education, Entertainment, Labor, Law, Politics, Religion, Sex, and War.

If you do not understand white supremacy — what it is and how it works — everything else that you think you understand will only confuse you.

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