No such thing as being “healed” healing is a life long process. If you get cut, it’ll leave a scar. & even if that scar goes away, you’ll still have the memory of being cut. That doesn’t go away. Give others the ‘healing’ version of yourself. No one deserves the traumatized version of you

Put yourself in the position to be able to tell people NO that's a position of power the more NO's you give the more people will value and seek your YES'S.

Kevin Gates loves to hear himself talk. I can see through all of it. He’s one of those quick to speak slow to listen type ppl. All his interviews the same.

In response Qween Jean to her Publication

Yes! I do self readings all the time. 🥰 I have a separate deck for myself than I do for readings.

In response Deon Dee to his Publication

I get like that sometimes too. usually i just listen to music or watch a movie. Give myself a break from reality and just escape for a while. hope everything goes well for you and your birthday

In order to attract character in a woman you yourself must possess character.

Dreka Gates found Peace in herself & I absolutely love that for her✨

Keep that LOSER MENTALITY AWAY FROM ME. I aint with it. You can't bring me down just cause you gave up and life means nothing to you. Let it mean nothing while I go enjoy myself and take this bitch for what its worth 💪🏾💯

Wish those who had something to say to me would just say it and not be so subliminal. I'd rather someone tell me how they feel so that I can know who i should deal with and not deal with. Yknow, so I can move accordingly? That said, check ya self before ya wreck yaself 👍🏾💯

Jealousy and Envy reveals itself in amazing circumstances you may not see it, yet that vibe is strong and usually petty

In response Zyyy Gabrielle to her Publication

Dont take this the wrong way but you may be attracting them yourself. Tbh its kinda wack to say that youd switch over to those who hate us just because you cant find a "good man". We need to think about what "good" means. you should know someone before you enter a relationship

In response Zyyy Gabrielle to her Publication

I would focus on self first. We have our soulmates but we only attract them if we're in the right state of being. Ppl want to get into a relationship but most dont think about why. as far as maintaining, all it takes is being honest with others and yourself about what you want

but for myself, i feel like im bouda jump into the whites only pool for dating. 🤦🏾‍♀️ i cant find a good black man a chocolate gentleman to be exact lol. im tired of broken down and busted wanna be plugs and gang bangers. 🤦🏾‍♀️ cause even with two kids im the damn table.

In response Matthew Lewis to his Publication

The abuse of a 13 year old and Child Pornography was horrendous in itself!
But, to lace cupcakes with semen and feed to Children!🤬 Damn, devil's spawns!

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