"Putting boundaries in place

and not allowing people to cross them

is the development of self-respect." #quote

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We have to change this and we have to pay attention to what we are still holding on to...the things that pushes us forward a little just to pull us back a lot. 

The conditioned mindset is real and many times we subconsciously don’t know it!! 

Respect is earned..not given and not taken! 

Gravity Roots Progress (GRP)

These days, the videos reveal many things that we have to correct in order to move forward as a unit. 

We’re sure many of you have heard the plea when a Karen and/or ken, come out their shells to target our very existence. 

The distinct feeling you get when you hear one of us calling perceived authority figures sir/ma’am when we are being disrespected. It erks the very fiber from our bones hearing the respectful gesture in return for blatant attacks. 

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#blkem #blackfirst #karen #kens #Respect

*"JUST DON'T VOTE"* Whenever any demographic has trouble getting their basic humans rights respected, the entire official infrastructure comes out in support and changes society to accommodate those people. For everyone except Black people!

We have tried everything in our power but until the Democrats force change, we won't get justice! *JUST DON'T VOTE* We MUST do something different!!! Let them try it without us for a few years!! We will make the entire system illegitimate!!!


Texas Charges Man Who Waited Six Hours To Vote With Illegal Voting - YouTube

Rachel Maddow shares details of the arrest of Hervis Rogers, who gained brief celebrity for his dedication to his civic duty when he waited in line for six h...

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"white people's collective narcissism is so complete

that they lack the capacity for empathy

their narcissism makes them dangerous

not only because it motivates them to scapegoat others

but also because it deprives them of the restraint

that results from empathy and respect for others.

so in other words

empathy produces restraint" #quotes

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we cant all be the same and always agree, but we should listen to each other, respect each other, encourage each other and step up for each other.

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"Tolerating ongoing abuse

even at low levels

will over time slowly eat away

at your dignity and self-respect." #quotes

"Racism is an act of war, it's an attack on our human dignity and our right to self-respect." #quotes

These demons truly think we are the same mentally-enslaved people they have bamboozled for centuries. It is probably because so many of us feel we must show the world our natural azz on video at every opportunity. We get no respect because we act so disrespectfully toward each other!!

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A Lion isnt the King of the Jungle because how much meat it has stacked up. A Lion is King of the Jungle because what it is willing to do to get the meat. # Get the check but eat from your Respect.

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