My people really kill me with the excuses. I swear we complain more than any other race and its fucking awful. If youre not down for your people then stfu and stick to what you know. Tired of being nice to mfs

When we launched this “identity” feature on Blkem in 2020, we received a lot of backlash from Black folks….

“We’re doing too much”, “Why we have to do all that”, “Too much work” etc..all the excuses

You think they’re going to make the same excuses with IG?

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I think this is what they call divine intervention or vibrating on a higher frequency. When I started therapy, I found my spirit getting stronger. I seem to attract more generosity and peace even when things are falling apart. All I do is ask for grace. You got it sis 🤗🤎

oooh. I see where it says "newblurt"!! I looove iiiiiit!!!!

Anyway. I wanted to hop on here and ask a trivial question our community seems to be hassling with.

can a person be rpoblacl and date a non Black person?

In my humble opinion, I gracefully say hello no. thoughts?

I’m at the park & it’s mostly white ppl (& a few Black ppl) walking, bike riding, jogging, on scooters & walking dogs. The reason why our race is so materialistic & depressed is bc we not OUTSIDE. We rather be entrapped in buildings. How we got yt ppl enjoying our land & nature more than we do?? Our Ancestors are so upset😩

On May 1 , 1865 , freed slaves came together in Charleston , S.C to pay tribute to the Union soldiers that had been deceased and put into a common burial after the war. There were 257 deceased Union soldiers , according to the American Oracle : The Civil War In the Civil Rights Era, a book written by David Blight a Yale University professor .

This event held over of 10,000 people in the ” slaveholders race course.” , according to the American Oracle by Blight. Black Charlestonians along with white missionaries and educators stood in honor of the Union soldiers .

Three thousand African Am

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both can be, but im telling you its deeper than just money, corruption or even race. They are slave catchers. Thats what they started as and the job description never really changed. Kill anything melanated, escalate fear, push agendas (gun control, police brutality, etc), Repeat

What does it mean to be Black abroad?

The experience varies from country to country and our guest Juanita Ingram tells us about what she's learned about race, family and herself, while filming her Amazon Prime docuseries The Expats: International Ingrams. #thatsthescenario #travel #BlackExpat #BlackRadio #BlackPeopleTravelToo

Huey P Newton said: "When the masses hear that a Gestapo policeman has been executed while sipping coffee at a counter, and the revolutionary executioners fled without being traced, the masses will see the validity of this kind of resistance" in short, FACTSSSSS

I dont have much to say about the shooting, as nothing they do surprises me anymore. What i will say is street justice must be overrated now cause where tf is it when you need it? We'd be foolish to keep thinking playing along with them is gonna get us anywhere. I vote for war 🤷🏾‍♂️

I was on my twt burner….which may or may not be a stan account 😂 Look at this shit. They just be dickriding/bootlicking. They really tried to all races matter this shit 😭 like?? I’ve lived with and around black ppl my whole life, unless there’s beef, tf is there to worry about?

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50?! You look great!
Thank God I’m Black so I can age with grace😭

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