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I mean we still talk every now and then but I can just tell it’s not the same and I feel like if I have to question it then I already know the answer, I’ve never had to question it til now

great question.

it’s the good for me. I can make a cheap drink float but I can not fill up on shitty food.

What's more important when going to brunch? The quality of the drinks?! Or the quality of the food?!

For me? The drinks 😌

Real Question

What do you when everyone wants to hangout with you but you don’t want to hang out with everyone?

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He said what? 😭
Sorry but why would he think that’s a normal question to ask!??? 😂
I would’ve taken that as an instant hint to block!

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No reason to be nervous. We just have a few questions for you

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You had a lil rhyme pattern going there. Could be cause I'm fresh off of writing but I seentd it instantly. And lemme find out LaCole got bodies on her jacket. That sweet smile is gon be in question

Hm - good question! I appreciate genuine, confident and humorous ppl - in conjunction with ppl who are motivated and have some sort of passion. I think it’s extremely important to have something that you want to continuously work towards!

as you should be!
what would you consider to be the right man/person for you?

He’ll send an email at 8:04AM with the subject: “Taking PTO for XYZ - eom”. No questions asked 😂

TLOU is great so far. Enjoying it a lot!
Interesting to see how they go into the origin of the disease. I felt proud that I was able to predict the answer to that vaccine question. 😭 Those things take a WHILE to curate. even longer when you’re “starting from scratch”.

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yeah. I recognize he has immense talent that’s why his need to say the N word is so bothersome and when he gets questioned about it he gets real “I know more than you” so not great but that don’t take away from his ability.

Nosey as in if I am on fb and a person says pray for me but dont ask questions. See, What you not gone do is tell me what to Im gone figure out why Im praying for yo ass. down to the nitty-gritty

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