In response Marian Watson to her Publication

LMAOOOO!! Ok ok…yes we been to Africa! Ghana and Kenya in our near future! New Era Detroit has a chapter in Nigeria so once we launch Safe Zone Mobile…we definitely have to extend outreach to Africa…and do some philanthropy work. Defintely will!

Yesterday, people in Eha-Amufu community, Enugu state, were slaughtered by Fulani Herdsmen, but One-Nigerianist on social media silent.

76 Days to go! #Biafra

#FreeMaziNnamdiKanuNow #FreeMaziNnamdiKanu

Togo, Ghana, or Nigeria

If you could pick any country to relocate to permanently, which would it be?

In response Clarène Klarke to her Publication

My father is big Nigerian, big MEANIE, Big on go to school go to school go to school. I’ve been defending myself from the jump. lmao

I am literally African American. Nigerian father, Black American mother with native and boricua roots. It was never giving UGLY. tf

#BlkemConfessions #Blkemtravel THAILAND. Then I saw the Nigerian women there prostituting and it made sense why some Australian dude tried to get to know me in McDonald’s and thought I was one of them and I had to let him know IM FROM BROOKLYN BACK TF UP. ☠️

#BlkemConfessions #Blkemtravel THAILAND. I chose to stay with men because I felt like there’s a lot of sex trafficking where I was headed and as a Nigerian woman I didn’t want to be bamboozeld by other women who were being sex trafficked. I can tell when a man is being hasty.

In response Kris Don’Care to her Publication

The results were super vague. it was as far West as what is now Liberia and as far East as Nigeria. and it gave me percentages. it was highest for Benin & Ghana

if you hate Nigerians just say dat 😭

& if y’all eat okra….. we finna have a problem DEADASS

I be talking shit about chitlins but I’m also Nigerian & we eat cow stomach so let me shut my ass up

File this under #Blkemsports . this clip makes our Nigerian Cuzzo Giannis look like a bad guy…..but in reality, he was being provoked.

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