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Looool I'm so annoyed man. Because now it can't be moved and I have to buy a whole other piece of furniture to make it look like it makes sense 😂. It's fine because realistically more storage is needed but the minimalist look would have been cute too. just less practical

This is how I like to see my timeline. People just sharing and no malice 😌

Except a few young ladies on here sharing those wooden spoons looking for something to stir up 👀 I see y'all ... and I love y'all 💙 🥣

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Fam! What’s some of y’all favorite artists/bands outside of Hip-Hop, R&B, Soul, music?

& I LOOOOVEEE this for you! I had one & we were friends OVER 10+ years! He even called me his soulmate, but… yea, we’re not friends anymore! 😭😭😭


This is my best friend Trevor. I can’t name one time he wasn’t there when I needed him and he’s never tried me. He’s the epitome of a real male friend. 🤞🏾♥️

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they broke up families and communities to control better and use people and their resources. then capitalism normalized "get everything you can" and devalued what's really important. a very twisted mentality. insecurities miserable people normalized

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was just talking to momz bout this. who normalized moving out at 18, pursuing all your passions for 30 years then trying to reconnect with family when you grt middle age. by then momma and pops are 70 if they still around and your kids are grown. see

one thing I wish we normalized is knowing how someone passed, especially if it’s unexpected.

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Thank you nala. ❤️
This isn’t the first time.
Every time I post a full body picture, the hate comes with it. And it’s always from other black women. Sadly some of em are bigger if not the same size as me, but they body shame me. SMH
People are so mean and malicious.

Normalize shutting down conversations that involve gossiping to focus on positivity.

That and normalizing periodic social media breaks. Blkem included.

Note: Social media can be an incredible way to connect, but it's also the root of many problems. My humble advice??? Don't take it too seriously….

Finally got my hands on some Creamalicious! 😋A black & women-owned ice cream brand.

I love “The Best Man” because it helped normalize women cheating 🙃

i was having a convo with my black coworker, just akekeing, chopping it up & my yt coworker walks up & says “What are we talking about” 😐 we both went dead silent. I looked him in the eyes & said “oh.. WE were talking 😬” Normalize staying out my business beloved 🫶🏾

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