What Could Go Wrong #34


narrated by yours truly

produced byRakim Malik

You can get all the episodes at


#wcgw #comedy #markspark #whatcouldgowrong #lordrakim

In response Site Admin to his Publication

The promotion AND the fact that a white man tried to trademark Juneteenth have both been canceled.

Support https://www.socreamaliciou... instead.

What's new?

Tensions with France

Post Election trouble

Womens Saftey Problems

Deploys troops to boarder with ehtiopia

Politician arrested

Bobi Wine keeps being intimidated by military

Ongoing tension between south and north

#africaunite #Africa #africanews #africannews #panafrican #everydayafrica #exploreafrica #Mali #guinea #centralafricanrepublic #sudan #gambia #Uganda

#kenya Woman is being awarded by WHO, for helping over 1000 women to give birth during pandemic ;
Man makes masks to Bricks,
Woman divorces her man to marry holy spirit

#africanparliament election suspended after days of disorder

#Nigeria more kidnappings

#ivorycoast ex president plans to come back

#Mali #ecowas suspension and sanctions over second military cup ,
Military releases Prime Minister, President under unknown conditions

#senegal president is being bashed for buying new yet, amid pandemic

Wins african beach soccer cup

happy birth anniversary to an extraordinary Black man, Malcolm X otherwise known as el-Hajj Malik el-Shabazz! ???????

#chad unstable after death of president

#Mali europe tries to push for an elected government

#Uganda 16 year old climate activist to plant trees ,
Fears that reparations sought by #drc will be difficult

#mozambique 40,000 displaced

#angola heavy rains kill people and leave 8,000 homeless

#Africa to reduce emissions #climatechange

#africaunite #africanews #africannews #everydayafrica #exploreafrica #panafrican

Brothers Khalil Muhammad, Malik Zulu, & Quanell X.
Jasper, Texas, USA--June 27, 1998.

"The Jews are the bloodsuckers of the Black nation" -Khalil Abdul Muhammad

maliciousness: having or showing a desire to cause harm to someone #definition

This pic literally asking fools “ SHOULD YOU PROTECTING YOUR FUCKIN SELVES”””
Bitches I KEEEEP telling y’all we are at #WAARRRRRRRR .!!! What part are yall stilllll freaking missing?!?
?If y’all #stop letting them ROCK YOU BACK TO #SLEEP with the DISTRACTIONS & FAKE HATE we’ll have the solutions ALREADY !!!
I’m 25 & this shit STOOOPID AS HELL ?We’re in a shift we’re they’re NORMALIZING killing blk folk & nothing happens in THE MEDIAAAAAAAAAA ... Its a PSYCHOLOGICAL STRATEGY to RECONDITION ((our generations minds)). . Yall to dam Comfortable & get in yall feelings when someone like me spea

Shit that still fwm till this day....
(2) Luther was so damn resilient that he ATE those bullets, he actually died of suffocation in his hospital room?!
(3) White ppl stole the word Caucasian
(4) Ppl are trying to normalize that they've had a racist phase????
(5) The govnt literally puts shit in our faces and ppl still wanna call shit a "conspiracy theory"

if you're seeing this, congratulate. @jay_malik on his (automatic) promotion to E-5 ????? I'm so proud of you! ?

Wow Grownish is ON POINT S3E14. I need this conversation to be normalized.

Normalize taking care of your woman without it being labeled as you being a sucka or a lame. Niggas think it's cool to have 2,3,4,5 different women ??????????

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