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Facts.. they're only doing this now because they see us more enlightened to support our community, which takes dollars from their pockets

Flight got delayed 3 times……
I’m better off walking atp

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Thanks for posting about this. I did some light reading about it and I think it should be a concern, especially for our community. Certain officers apply laws differently depending on who’s being arrested. An app that encrypts and only stores data locally would be nice.

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Furthermore when I shine light within I always find the WHY to the WHAT lead me to this point…first things first❤️

You can’t tell me this ain’t somebody light skinned uncle runnin a ship in One Piece. 🤣🤣🤣

I am going to be my own human highlight reel and go back and forth from the laundromat to the gym.

What are the traits that define Web 3.0?

How long has long has the Metaverse actually been around?

What's the next innovation for Cloud technology?

Join us as we get down to the basics of understanding the new digital age, with Jurnell Cockhren (Civic Hacker), Rashad Russell (Beyond Light Creations) and co-host of The D.A.M. Podcast, Brian Sexton. #thatsthescenario #BlackRadio #technology #NFTs #virtualreality #blackintech #metaverse #digitalcurrency

Becoming comfortable with the Hard times will allow you to be able to find the light in your Darkest moments.

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Aries Asc - This eclipse is taking place in your place of worth. Expect a shift in your feelings of self-worth, your finances, and what's available to you. Whatever comes to light can then be healed. Jupiter moves into your first house next month so just hold tight Darlings. #astrology #eclipse #aries

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Taurus is the sign of the senses, partnership, delight - all things edenic. Its about commitment, certainty of direction, enjoyment, expression, things you can see, hear, feel, smell, taste. The solar eclipse in this sign will see these themes making a dramatic appearance in your life. Whether you're in alignment or not will determine the result of this transit.

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Well I can only go off of personal interactions I’ve had with Muslims & their way of life since I haven’t studied much of Islam on my own. But with Christianity it never sat right with me that Jesus was THEE God and the only light, truth & way to heaven. I find Christians to be very judgmental & one sided & the fact that the Bible has been edited many times for obvious reasons is also suspect. Whereas Muslims are more disciplined & respecting of the Creator & the men honor their women from what I’ve seen

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