Had no clue.

According to a story in the November 13, 1974, Toledo Blade, Foxx heard about the job opening and applied for it: "He was looking for an all-black community to help, so he took the job." He announced plans to finance a swimming pool and a museum for the town and to donate some of his memorabilia for display.

Foxx’s move inspired entertainers such as#SammyDavisJr and#FlipWilson to go in the same direction in the cities of Boley and Langston, OK under the initiative of improving the plight of Black/African-American people, nationwide.

Before we turn in, we're asking that you share your favorite Black/African-American/Indigenous owned business with us. We'll be doing a weekly business spotlight to keep the dollars circulating throughout our communities and we need ALL hands on deck. Sleep peacefully, be kind to each other, good night, and all that other happy stuff.😀

Passenger taped to seat after attacking flight attendants on flight to Miami, police say || The Real Spark

Passenger taped to seat after attacking flight attendants on flight to Miami, police say - YouTube

(Flight Attendant Speaks) Passenger Taped To Seat After Attacking Flight Attendants On FlightWelcome to Spark Nation where you will be entertained by Comedy,...

"oppressors aren't in the business

of enlightening their victims" #quotes

Here are 5 red flags to watch out for

if you think you're being manipulated by an abuser

1. Gaslighting

The abuser rewrites your experience and says your remembering their behavior wrong

2. Perpetual Victim

The abuser always claims to be the REAL victim,

even when you bring up an instance when they've harmed you

3. Degrading your worth

The abuser will never support anything you do unless it benefits them

They'll remind you that you're worthless and will fail at everything.

4. Controlling

The abuser will get upset if you go anywhere or do anything without runni

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Being the Father of 2 daughters that I actually fought to keep them from only being seen for their ASSets, I find it very disturbing that young women hate being seen in that manner, Yet will spend their money on outfits that highlight their physical features, Everyone has the right to decide which is most important for you.

"Abusive people delight in acting in bad faith,

since they seek not to persuade by sound argument

but to intimidate and disconcert." #quotes

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Completely agree! Our darkskin sisters matter! Tell them how beautiful they are. And DONT EVER LET ME HEAR YOU SAY " You are so beautiful...FOR A DARK SKIN GIRL" Ive actually heard these words in person before and it crushed my spirit I can only image how she felt. Stand upu for each other! Also hollywood.... stop replacing dark skin actresses and actors with light skinned ones! It's insulting based on the principle of the matter.......sorry for this long post but it something I feel strong about.

Of course.
Black women are always in the upfront of every battles.
Who is going to defend us? Oh and not only defend black women when it's lightskin.
Darkskin sisters matter too and tend to suffer their battles alone. Watch your sisters.

Full Episode: "Part 1, The Legacy of Black Wall Street" | OWN Spotlight ... via@YouTube ... need we be reminded nothing has changed. This is why we are a threat.

Full Episode: "Part 1, The Legacy of Black Wall Street" | OWN Spotlight | OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network - YouTube

For almost two decades, Tulsa's Greenwood district is a hub for families and entrepreneurs called "Black Wall Street." However, when the residents are attack...

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missed my flight bc of that covid test nonsense 🥴

"By interrupting your daily routine

to make sure your sleep patterns are disturbed,


ignoring your feelings,

or responding with violence,

your abuser exhausts you into submission" #quotes

"white people discuss tactics

on how to collectively gaslight us

behind closed doors" #quotes

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