the signs that people label as “mean“ or “not nice“ are usually very kind/genuine people tbh. like SOME aquarius's, virgos, and scorpios. they aren’t trying to please you and be agreeable tho, which typically rubs most the wrong way

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what amazes me most about those zombie apocalypse scenarios is that ppl make a conscious decision to keep having children. I don’t get it. #TheLastOfUs

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How do you feel about your iPad? You have other Apple devices, you’d slot right in. It really comes down to how you use your phone though. I didn’t take to Android, like @maxerinjames didn’t take to iOS, could be familiarity.

Half a box/bag of Honey Nut Cheerios and a family size box of Cinnamon Toast Crunch. And you better move fast that CTC can turn into a 1/3 of a bag by tonight

If I broke into your house and stole what’s on top of the fridge… what would I get?

The only two benefits I like about being a veteran is healthcare and being the first to come to mind to play an extra in military roles at TP Studios.

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I was running my own apks and still prefer iOS over Android.

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Everything you about to brush up on is where I'm trying to get to. As of right now I play mostly by ear and while that's good, it can only get you so far progress wise. I ran into this problem when I first started experimenting with arpeggios where timing and fingering is crucial

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🤔Actually, as much as I love being an aqua, being a Libra is more gentle in terms of justice. Ppl are constantly sent to Capricorns & Aquas to receive their final karmic lessons & Scorpios are constantly projected on by other ppls issues & these aspects are not fun at all. 😩

There’s this amazing bakery near the studios and they do the best fresh juices - carrots & orange will always be a hit!

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not put on tv as entertainment??? how many “I spit on your grave” movies been redone. with different scenarios of women being raped… then killing the men. that’s entertaining to a lot of people.

Yes Ma'am, its Coquito time and this batch I made last night is DELICIOSO!! It's about to be a LIT New Year! 😭😭

oooh see knew you’d know! I’ll look into the biosilk. rn now I’ve been using the John freida and it’s okay.

I love my “it’s a 10” for heat damage though! it does a great job.

thank you!

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There’s a product I buy from the US - Biosilk Silk Serum (white bottle), makes my hair straight and silky! Oh and I use the Chi protective treatment to avoid heat damage. Hope that helps!

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