In response Dave Loki to his Publication

I understand your frustration. My best friend complained about Facebook jail, but constantly sends me stuff via Facebook messenger. He doesn’t even humor the idea of trying black owned social media apps.

Sense of humor is nice, but some people just too goofy for my liking? social media got everyone thinking they comedians

hey @Blkem family??

i know we're all on a mission to help our fav app pop off and create a productive educational platform.... trusst im here for it .! but overstand some of yall are "human" & some have a Sense of HUMOR.!.!.

?Dont forget to LAUGH today??? spread LOVE & LAUGHTER?

word of the day ?........

#Gruntled ?

(Humorous) Pleased , statisfied, contented

lets improve the vocab

Although we've been on our Summer hiatus, we still don't want you to miss our video series, 'Rooting For Everybody Black'. Catch up with what's happening in the world, on our YouTube channel. #thatsthescenario #independentradio #BlackRadio #coronavirus #Rona #Covid19 #SocialDistancing #politics #Humor #socialmedia #blackgirlmagic #ConfederateMonuments

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