Hello, I’m super excited to be here! Currently in a Black Entrepreneurship in the US class at Morehouse and let me tell you, this movement is more important than we know.

Let’s give this platform time to grow and iterate as need be, invest in and support!

My Experience at Gucci Store - Lessons on Rewarding Your Woman & Entrepreneurship || The Saint and The Sinner by Marquett


My Experience at Gucci Store - Lessons on Rewarding Your Woman & Entrepreneurship - YouTube

Discussing the high end luxury shopping experience, the nature of the customers, and if/when it’s appropriate to splurge on a female. Lastly, considering wha...

Since stimulus checks are starting to hit, here’s some reminders
1. You don’t have the right to tell people what to do with their money, it’s theirs, not yours.

2. Entrepreneurship isn’t for everyone, so don’t push people to take their money and start a business.

3. Don’t talk down on others for needing this money. If you got it like that, good for you not everyone does.
4. Some people have been struggling for months. So whether they want to save it, spend it on bills, or use it to do something nice for themselves, they have that right.
Stay out of other people’s pockets. Thanks.

#Repost missionbridges
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#EssenceChallenge #EssenceChallenge2020
I foundedmissionbridges in 2016 to bridge the gap minorities experience when it comes to entrepreneurship. This is my passion. We lack access to training, mentors, resources, and funding. Our mission is to alleviate these barriers.

Use your skills to your advantage. Every business doesnt require a never-before-seen invention. Find a need for your skillset and MONETIZE! #MonetizeYourself #CreateALegacy #BlackOwnedBusiness #Entrepreneurship

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