Morning All! Question:
Can your friend(s) “check” you?
I’ve just had a convo with a mutual friend about this topic and she’s got her knickers in a twist! 😂
So I want to know, can your friend(s) check you?

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Interesting! I actually don’t think I’m ready for the full convo because I’m going to be in and out, and it seems like a DEEP dive.

I’m also not fully well-read on everything that happened Christianity trying to make slaves okay with slavery. I just know the basics, so I would need to do additional research

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Hi, you’ve mentioned my reblurting a few times. The reason I reblurt is so every cousin can get as many eyeballs on their blurts as possible. This is still my personal page, so I may not reblurt everything or even see blurts in time, but I try to remain as neutral as possible even when I don’t know what the blurt is or im not personally invested in the convo. It helps those who ARE see it, respond, find likeminded cousins, & overall keep a healthy flow on the TL. The goal is to help EVERYONE be seen and heard a little bit more, not just my own blurts. This is why I reblurt often.

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Lmao this is so funny because I absolutely hate texting 😂. A 5 minute convo can become a 53 message thread and I hate that for meeee.

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IJS…awla y’all ain’t protectors but that’s not today’s convo.

Anyways, a grown arsed, 42 year old man decided to indirect me because and call me shallow because I find scarce convos appealing.

Hotboxing and have deep ass convos with the homies be healing af

You know those girlies that start sharing embarrassing/ugly stories in front of new men?
I despise those. And I make it my mission to cut you off and redirect convo all the time.
Because why are you telling those stories now? 😕

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Fr doe i dont get into GOAT debates anymore.. I'll do mount rushmore convos

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Lmfao you not gonna like anything in any context of this convo lmao

Has being comfortable in your own skin been an Achilles heel for anyone else when having convos with ppl you're dating? Looking for some advice

Peace family. Morals.Respect.Love is the artist name and culture, but you can call me Key. Hailing from Upstate NY, I'm an aspiring artist, producer by passion, engineer by trade, and global entrepreneur in the making, here for dope convos and laughs

Yessir. If it's peace you want there's a few convos you may want to avoid. 😂This is a thing now. They go as such:

1)Pop Tarts

2)Flintstone Vitamins/Gummies

3)Arby's(under review per Alicia)

4)I'm forgetting one. I'll get back to you. But welcome

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Glad you agree. I feel like the convo is a simple open and shut one. But I’ve seen others feel the opposite like “$200 is too much” but I’m like why we puttin a price tag on love?

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🤣 🤣 I was like damn, on a Thursday? Why is it always Thursday mfs wanna get to it. Then Friday be dry as hell. Save the bush convo for tomorrow

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