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Awww come on. You struck gold with that one. You know how hilarious that convo could have got? You gotta get back in there champ. See what that young man was talking about. Ask if he wanted you to make plane and/or train noises on the way to his mouth

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Speaking of podcasts I listened to a couple of yours. Very nice Clarene, I like. You have a soothing voice and carry topics well. There's a realistic flow to the convo. You're good at welcoming the listener and making it seem like we already know each other. Bravo

Feeling someone’s energy switch mid convo is always so awkward for me. What did I say? What did I do? Do I bring it up or act like I didn’t notice? Stay or walk away? 🥴

So what's good with our #BlkeminBrooklyn brunch?!! That convo was a whole two months ago but I AINT FORGET!
@ziggeegold @secret_lifeof_yana

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I know. Most people don’t. Just a part of this convo I didn’t feel like sharing widely.

So sent my contact to a fellow grad student I saw in all my orientations today…she reached out and launched into a ‘what do you hope to do with your degree’ text…it was very academic convo…high key likely I won’t be her friend 😂

what grinds my gear is when someone text me first but then become dry during the convo.
you could of left me alone

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you’re not the only one @jupitersflame lol idk who’s having all these DM convos 🤣

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yes, this is exactly what I’m saying 🤷🏽‍♀️ no shame in admitting it either. but tbh I really don’t feel like getting into a discussion about patriarchal themes tonight. Happy to listen in on your convos with other willing participants though!

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What about our shy/reserved brothers? Its a lot of solid dudes that's just not good at the initial startup convo. Its a scary situation to try to spark something up from nothing. And all women like being approached differently. What style of approach gets your interest the most?

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oh good! I haven’t gotten around to it yet, but I’ll join the convo when I do

I know why I’m truly single. I lost interest so fast . like soon as the convo dry up . I be like

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I was going to hit you with “hi” the “wyd,” but thought “lemme not get blocked right after being followed.”

I’m a bit quiet and introverted, so I might fit that mold, though I’d be hard pressed to find many people to corroborate.

Hope the new year brings better convo your way.

gm y’all … we up early having a convo about Christmas and Santa.

let me preface this with saying I DO NOT have children.

I personally don’t believe in running with the idea of SANTA CLAUS. especially these days. no one I’ve spoken to this am can tell me the importance of him -

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😂😂😂 see I’m extra af and someone will come in my shot and say HI and ima start a whole convo like we been friends FUHEVA!

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