class consciousness is important, glad we opening this convo

Blacks in Power Don't Empower Blacks 🤔http://blackdocumentaries....

Since we cant have a convo ab abortions w/o talking about the reasons for abortions lets talk about it:
Fact: Women BELOW the poverty line typically have abortions
Fact: Women below the poverty line are Blk and Native
Fact: 1 in 4 blk women are raped/assaulted b4 18

Teach your young that some family convos is for the family, no one know your business unless you tell it, then it can be used against you. There are a few adults also need to take heed of this advice. #theWayPointers

On another is dumb cause everyone is boring to me. Same convos, same dates & im just over it??????

The Convo - YouTube

Provided to YouTube by Universal Music GroupThe Convo · DMXIt's Dark And Hell Is Hot? 1998 Rush Associated Labels Inc.Released on: 1998-05-01Producer: Dame G...

In full support of Tariq Nasheed #BuckBreaking

Should we write an article aboutGolferGirl305
wanting to sue anyone while putting other "vulnerable" people at risk? When Trash ???? need validation & clout!

My screenshots are made for walking in Court ??
#Sunday #COOKout #Convo

7PM appointment on AFRIBEAN Magazine ~ #COOKout #Convo #blackonblack

They are Dying for #BLM to Live #RealEstateMatters
Patrisse Cullors doesn't need you to know about her housing situation. Transparency is not the problem: racism, sexism and right-wings are!
We talk about the danger of #BLM as a donations magnet:

#BLMuk #BLM #blmmovement #blacklivesmatter #patrissecullors #RealtorLifestyle

You can only cure hatred with #love and #Light ~ #Sunday #COOKout #Convo -
We are healing through the harsh words and experiences from the women who had DMX in their life, his children and his temporary attention.
The Mammy Syndrome: #blackwomen support is a gift and a curse. Black Women need to heal themselves from saving, healing and babysitting their Men. We will talk on Sunday ?
Rest In Power ? Aaliyah was not trying to save you so you loved her, harder than your own women
#dmx #Aaliyah #drug #addiction #mammysyndrome

In response Call Me.. to her Publication

The energy aint the same... Virtual shit could always be all lies at any point of time & you'd never really know... mfs always send laughin emojis cus the convo be funny but youn even laugh in real life... same shit with trynna vibe & feel
woth somebody.. body language be different... youn really know a mf till you see them in person & actually be around them.. & even then they could be lying but to me it just aint the same

me and @diamonddoes literally had this convo earlier today TRUTH WILL SET YOU FREE

& although i dont aspire to be a teacher, i actually take my subbing position serious becuase i like to see our children succeed. i have convos with them about their future, help with assignments and teach them life skills. The WHITE teachers on the other hand be letting them do whatever tf they want & the kids dont get sht done. Then u wonder why your kid failing & its bc these teachers dont TEACH your Black kids, they BABYSIT & allow them to act a damn fool. These 7th graders cant even fckin multiply. i learned multiplication in 3rd grade! & its NOT their fault, its the teachers

I have no issuse initiating a convo with a man, but im not making it known that i like you. if you cant read bt the lines & act on that, someone with sense will?

Africa News
#tanzania admits covid cases under WHO pressure after being in denial

#Nigeria 300 school kids abducted , 42 released

#ghana starts vaccinations

#guinea continues fight against Ebola

#niger post electoral violence after elections last Sunday

#cameroon military accused of raping more than 20 women, imprisoning of 9 homosexual persons, 2 cases of polio

#republiccongo accused of ordering weapons from Azerbaijan

#congo faults #rwanda army for killing of Italian convo

#senegal starts vaccinations, strips of immunity from opposition minister sonko in ca

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