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the crowds don’t bother me as much as they used to cause I’ve always loved live performances and felt deprived when Covid hit. my hand washing definitely increased tho lol

I was a germaphobe before Covid so imagine me now. Covid stressed me tf outttt honey 😭

these covid masks gave them too much confidence 😭😭🥴

😅🙃 Why do some folks feel its okay to holla at you with no teeth. like be fucking fr

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The neurological impact is profound. Once your brain stops functioning as it’s supposed to, that’s where it gets scary for me. Post-Covid complications within the nervous system is something that’s about to become VERY common among the population.

Covid is scarily debilitating. I will not play with that shit at all. Even at school, like the majority of us in the science department are still masked and at least fully vaccinated. Like it’s astonishing how the every day person doesn’t even realize what’s about to happen 😅

This guy at work has this horrible cough and he in here causing a scene cause they told him to go home and get a Covid test.

Good day all. Still keeping up with the healthy lifestyle. Today I'm sharing my beet antioxidant. Boost immune and also helps restore your body after a cold or covid attack

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been wanting to try out improv for a while now! got inspired during covid but haven't made it to a session yet. you go I go wassup?

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Only been to Morocco (but it’s not considered AFRICA AFRICA so it don’t count for us)…was going to visit SA last year but COVID stepped in. So we’re looking to visit soon…and…do some work over there, eventually!

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definitely not alone. even DURING covid people were looking at me crazy for asking them for space. 😭 I had to put the cart between us. 😩

what’s a new normal that Covid created that you actually don’t mind and wish it was implemented sooner?

if it wasn’t for Covid and Donald trump I would have never known how much of a shit show the US really is. the other presidents hid it fairly well lbs.

our family group chat was created when Covid hit to keep us all in touch since we couldn’t gather regularly. it’s 18 of us in it, FaceTime is always sooo hectic 😂

Heyyy Cousins! I had covid and was laid up, but I'm back on my feet and recovered. What I miss?

2019 my fave cousin was about to graduate and move to LA w me. we were gonna be bottle girls until our dreams turned into reality. she got pregnant then Covid hit, she never moved but did graduated. I always wonder if she’s happy w the life she’s living. she now has 2 kids.

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