In response Dave Mudroots to his Publication

Does a woman getting an abortion directly affect you? Like does it directly affect you in the same way someone who is unvaccinated giving you covid affects you?

In response Just Kemi to her Publication

I’m in a cardigan and silk pants, I walk with a cane (bad accident/surgery in 2020 😥) and I’m not intimidated. Vaccinated, never had covid, wearing a kn95 w/ my vaccination card on me. Showered and clean, I smell good, I look tf good damn it. So why the theatrics? 4/???

In response Dave Mudroots to his Publication

Is the bigger message government power over the human body in lieu of the abortion conversation? Because in the context of abortion and in the context of covid(aka today), your argument has been used as a dog whistle by "pro-birthers" to discredit the pro-choice movement.

In response Marley Kirk to her Publication

You ain't never lied, sis. Drought across most of the Western US, spreading war in Europe, China cheap shit coming to a halt due to extreme COVID lockdowns, food shortages globally, fuel shortages... If you stay ready, you don't have to get ready.

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and its so hard with covid. 😫🤦🏾‍♀️

Donald Trump responded to COVID with WARP SPEED.
Joe Biden's response to Covid is just WARPED.

What exactly is The Great Resignation?

How do you create work/life balance when working from home?

What's the best way to take advantage of the current job market?

ElevatHer's Kisha Hicks and author, Genesis Amaris Kemp help us answer these questions on an episode focusing on navigating post-Covid workspaces: Work It Out. #careers #thatsthescenario #worklifebalance #WorkingFromHome

Are you willing to die rather than take the vaccine? Is it really that serious?

Doctor says some COVID patients deny virus

In response Afro Merica to his Publication

No black on Trumps anti COVID anti mask propaganda, or the anti mask anti vax white American majority either. We're the ones dying because of their bs. No Black person has any reason to trust the white government or thier medical system yet we still get vaccinated. Texas tried to block masks in schools. Southern white politicians are especially bad (but they ALL are terrible).

First its Mexicans crossing the border, now its Blacks. Bigoted whites cannot seem to take responsibility for nothing they do.

Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick blames Covid surge on African Americans who have not been vaccinated

Black Yale Educated Doctor Debating Delta Variant + New York Covid 19 Mandate with Business Man || The Saint and The Sinner by Marquett Davon #Covid19 #misinformation

Black Yale Educated Doctor Debating Delta Variant + New York Covid 19 Mandate with Business Man - YouTube

Dr. Dr Emmanuel C Ohuabunwa, Graduate of Johns Hopkins University and Yale Medical school, will be debating and discussing the corona virus, the new strains,...

In response Sunny Dee to her Publication

Wonder what people are dying of then? Read today a 24 year old vaccine hesitant man who caught Covid and had to have a double lung transplant as a result. It's an awful roll of the dice to believe the world is involved in a conspiracy. How would a real pandemic be any different?

Africa News

#togo inaugurated west africas biggest solar plant
#Uganda 200 street vendors have been arrested because of covid restrictions

#somalia elections in October

#sudan peace talks in Khartoum

African womens handball cup Cameroon against #angola

Military under attack

Africas Presidents:

#southafrica ex president has been jailed

#mauritania ex president has been jailed

#ivorycoast ex president returned to his native village

#Nigeria Buhari flies to England for a medical visit

#gabon President urges unity among the populatio

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