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Later today I will publish my MOST GROUNDBREAKING BLOG YET! Find out how the murders of 10,000 African Matriarchs and Breonna Tayor are linked.

We must keep fighting for justice...#BreonnaTaylor# not just a hashtag,she was a black woman with a life.✊#resist#

What are your thoughts on the Breonna Taylor's Family $12M settlement? Should they have seeked justice first before settling, or did they make the right move?


If we continue to fight under the system of oppression, these things will continue to happen. They can do whatever they want becuase we DO NOT have the resources to seriously level up.


they cant silence my shirt so im going to rep my blackness in their face.
get yours@legacyofmary and leave your legacy on a their lips💋

Accountability is required when you take an innocent life. 
 Those in authority positions are NOT exempt and needs to be arrested. 


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