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#blkem, the place where I don't have to worry about rushing to put out content that's not authentic to my brand for likes and views. I deal with history and sometimes current events, but if I can't back it up with research (which takes time), you won't see or hear it from me. Fake news is real and clout is too. #blackowned#BlackScholarsMatter

Pre-Kwanzaa Turnup for you and the family...

“We got up and were doing the electric slide, and Betty was carrying on like crazy. She said to the instructor, “We need to do something else. I know how to do the electric slide and she’s doing ok. What else you got?” - Myrlie Evers on Dr. Betty Shabazz#ForBetty#ClickTheLinkInMyBio for the full mix and a quick history lesson on the god.#ForBetty#DrBettyShabazz#GoodMusic#KwanzaaTurnup#CommandTheNarrative#BlackStoriesMatter#BlackScholarsMatter

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