boycott instagram? Sayless Unc

So now IG is saying they disabled our account because we have violated their terms.

What terms have we violated? Being Black? We had that account since 2020 and have not changed what we have been doing. Our followers are organic.

When you're unapologetically Black, they target you and this is a clear indicator that they are.

This is why, as a community, we lack the power structure, because we don't control these elements, so they can do what they want.

#blkem #B1 #joinblkem

we gotta boycott this app if it is

lord plz don’t let be a white man behind the Admin account PLZ GOD 😭😭😭

Right NOW there should be a full on #B1 #FBA Boycott of Dear white people...& Netflix itself IF they submit and cancel Dave ?????

In response Unc Dave to his Publication

If we are making moves but not changing the outcome, then a strike or boycott is wasted energy that could have been utilized in supporting Black Owned platforms and building us up.?

Just think about that!!?

In the words of The Black Authority, “appropriation equals replacement”, “don’t let them guilt us from defending what’s ours”.?

When it comes to striking and boycotting, we know how to do that well, but what we fail to do after, is follow through and this is more than likely the reason we still return to our oppression.?

Now that Black content creators have went on strike, what’s the solution? What is it changing? Do let us know!?

Continued in comments..

#blkem #contentcreators #blackcontentcreators

Boycott Coca Cola:

In response Unc Dave to his Publication

more reason why we MUST GET CHINAMAN UP OUTTA AFRICIA.. everything tbey claim is made in china is coming right up outta OUR on the continent ?... time to #BOYCOTT

So in conclusion. In 2021 New Era DMV will be building the option to become shareholders/members/citizens that can utilize this agenda and work towards changing the dynamic. All the energy used to elect Biden/Harris can be utilized with this agenda. Trump is out of office so there is no bigger fish to fry. BOBs are closing left and right and boycotts of white businesses do not build wealth for us unless we build a competitor. Its a n affordable situation so there is no excuse. I welcome all thoughts and questions. ??????

Wells Fargo CEO, "Lack of Black Talent to Recruit from"...sooo, are we going to continue utilizing them?

Where do we go from here? Are we going to focus on Black ownership now? Are we going to literally boycott Wells Fargo?

#blkem #blacktalent

Sooooo...celebrities are boycotting FB and IG for 24 hours today...hmmmm. One day after we called for a shutdown.


In response Ricki Connor to his Publication

It wil be ready soon. Working out the kinks. Glad you mentioned this about going all in. Sometimes, when our people boycott, they tend to go back.

In response Unc Dave to his Publication

is the info on affiliate (sharing the site) complete? id like to participate. when i boycott something, i go all in. so refreshing to be off FB.

In response Tomedian Whitmore to his Publication

i agree but at the same time to claim a nation is to have something for others to declare official war on, boycott, embargo, and so on. it would invite a palestine-like apartheid perhaps. this aint a scared nigga speaking, its just that nationalism is the very too europeans called on to justify breaking up billions of groups

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