The word BLACK is organic meaning that it is a living word which is defined by the ACTIONS of the people who choose to live under the title of the word. So what this word becomes or end up meaning is on US we cant give that POWER away.

This message is to all police officers and hateful whites who have killed Black men or women, or are conspiring to in the future; who have abused, beat, harassed or falsely accused or arrested people of color and gotten away with it by the court's consent;

goddamn it's been a long time!!!
getting back into the swing of this series. the next artist that keeps me sane that isn't goth music....pretty lights! plus a special discussion of the intersection of pretty lights and screamin jay hawkins! sometimes the goth life is exploring how different genres approach a song that was originally goth and see how different people build upon a gothic base.
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"our liberation will not be the result of good will or moral suasion" #quote

In response MariYah Israel to her Publication

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If you actually study you will find out that we are NOT all human. There are also differences in our blood that separate us into different species of animals. One thing you should discover is why ONLY pregnant Caucasian women have to be tested for the rh factor and Back women don't. This is a basic feature of perpetuating one's race and this information is usually hidden when they say that "we are one race, we are all human".

In response MariYah Israel to her Publication

There is significant evidence that all mankind genus is BLACK that is why Ofay has put so much time and energy into creating the illusion that blacks are sub servant to other colored people, how bad I would love to insert the word RACE but there is but one race HUMAN we are just different skin tones.

Which member of Team Scenario is turning in their “Playa’s Card”?

Who's the "Swiss Army Knife" of the team?

How did this merry band of podcasters get together in the first place?

We tackle all of this on our 200th episode celebration. Tune in as the crew keeps it “200” with each other.

Let's pull back the curtain on what happens between segments...

"Random Acts of Randomness" (Behind The Scenes) - YouTube

What do Stagecoach Mary, British accents and Koko B. Ware have in common? Absolutely nothing. But that's the type of randomness the crew gets into between se...

Crypto currency is where society's financial foundation is headed. Bitcoin started it, now alt-coins are becoming more prominent.

There's a Black Owned Crypto currency called $guapcoin. Something us Black folks can look into and invest because non-black owned crypto's are in the lead and if we don't step up, yet again we will NOT be controlling a sizable portion of the market.

Have anyone invested in crypto?

If you haven't invested in Crypto, why?

#Cryptocurrency #cryptotrading #crypto

This Sunday December 5th, New Era Richmond will be hosting a #buyblack pop-up cultural market with some dope vendors selling quality cultural goods. Come check us out if you are in the Capital City!!! #rva #richmond #neweranation


We have implemented some new features on the site. One of the important feature that can be found in your profile settings is "Emergency Contacts".

This feature is a small part part of a bigger ongoing development, pertaining to safety and security of our current users and those who will be using Blkem in the near future.

More details to come soon!!

Thank you

#blkem #B1 #blacksafety #safezone #NewEra

"This is a savage empire built upon genocide and slavery" #quotes

Dahr Jamail

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