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"I'm Joe Biden and I approve this message to the Progressives who thought I would pick them for my cabinet".

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Sorry I haven't been active. Covid, concussion, growing my business, and having to turn more wrenches lately because employees can't come to work. Crazy times. How's everyone? #blackowned

Who's eating that BIG OLE GREASY turkey on November 26th?

I know some of us have our own traditions on this day as it was not welcoming to Black people in the early early days.


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💯🙌🏿✊🏾 Agreed. They make thanksgiving sound sooooo...enlightening and welcoming so continue "your tradition" of stepping out of America's comfort zone!

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Since it is our personal choice, I have in recent years become aware of who I am and will not celebrate the slaughter of my people and the takeover of their lands by my enemy. Instead, I have chosen to celebrate The Most High's Holy Days which celebrate my liberation and royalty.

We're not here to damper the day of thanksgiving but to show the history behind such a day shadowed with happiness.

Many of our ancestors were not free when colonist were busy celebrating and giving thanks. What were they giving thanks for? Thankful they were able to eat while Native African Americans suffered? Thankful their families were able to eat while our ancestors were separated?

Eitherway, the day is to be celebrated how you want. Not what America pushed on us.

#blkemstrong #blkem #blacklivesmatter

Now, as America circles the drain from where she can't recover. She is doomed. All bc you wouldn't do right by God's Chosen People! This is why Black people never took up arms against America and her racist behavior for all these decades and centuries of abuse.
God is in control! Genesis 15:13-15

TMH told us that He would judge America ... just as He judged Egypt!
When we cried to HIm that America won't pay us reparations for enslaving us. He said, *Be still!

When we cried out to Him about Mass Incarceration. He said, "Have faith!"

When we said, "But God, they use their police to murder us. He said, "I am thy salvation! Revenge is mine!"

Now, as America circles the drain. She is doomed. All bc you wouldn't do right by God's Chosen People! This is why Black people never took up arms against America's ra

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Good morning Tracey! It is a pleasure to
meet and network with you. Thank you for
responding to my post. I am a licensed
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personal credit consultant. I will go ahead and message you privately in a chat on blkem. You can feel free to contact me your preferred methods.

Here's my contact information:
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Looking forward to speaking with you!

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I want to hear what you're saying but the volume is too low

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Yezzir it's all in #meteorjs; it's a labor of love....
i'm in the middle of refactoring it to #react and migrating the database over to #atlas


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