Get Locations (Safe Zone)

Please use this ( API for fetching locations, nearby locations

Get parameters

Field Value Remarks
session_id ‚ÄčAccess token ID E.g. de25cc16eb00960f076...
page_size ‚ÄčTotal records limit for each request Recommended: 20
type E.g. 'Safe Zone'
offset Last record offset ID This is only needed when loading records of the pagination system.
category Category ID Filter records by category
keyword Search by keyword Filter records by keyword
order 'ASC' or 'DESC' Default order by is with ID and if nearby records are pulled order by will be by distance
latitude User's latitude Required if nearby records to be pulled
longitude User's longitude Required if nearby records to be pulled
distance Locations within this distance (miles) Required if nearby records to be pulled

Success response

    "code": 200,
    "message": "Fetched successfully",
    "data": [
            "id": 7,
            "name": "876 Albee Crossing Road",
            "address": "876 Albee Crossing Road",
            "city": "East Machias",
            "state": "ME",
            "zip": "04630",
            "country": "US",
            "phone": "12",
            "lat": "44.748009",
            "lng": "-67.436757",
            "active": 1,
            "category_id": 4,
            "category_identifier": "safezones",
            "thumbnail": "",
            "is_main_chapter": 0,
            "category_name": "Safe zone",
            "category_thumbnail": null,
            "distance": 0,
            "formatted": "876 Albee Crossing Road East Machias ME, 04630"

Error responses

        "code": 401,
        "data": [],
        "message": "Unauthorized Access"

        "code": 404,
        "message": "No data found",
        "data": []

        "code": 500,
        "message": "latitude, longitude, and distance should be used all together",
        "data": []