Once a man has vanquished fear he is free from it for the rest of his life because instead of fear he has acquired clarity which is also the 2nd enemy. A clarity of mind which is so hard to obtain dispels fear but also blind. He will fumble with learning until he winds up incapable of learning anything more. He must defy clarity and use it only to see and a moment will come when he understands that it will not be only a point before his eyes. It will be true power. Power is the strongest of all enemies. His enemy will have turned him into a cruel, capricious man continued below...

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He has to defy [power], deliberately and realize that the power is in reality never his old age. Old age, this enemy is the cruelest of all the one he won’t be able to defeat completely but only fight away. If the man is able to slough off his tiredness and lives his fate through he can then be called a man of knowledge. If only for a brief moment when he succeeds in fighting off of his last, invincible enemy. That moment of clarity, power, and knowledge is enough