Our face when they say fighting for Black Empowerment is racist.

My face while going through all the peoples accounts I follow. Most have made one post on this platform when they first joined to then never being seen again smh?

In response Oluwatobi Bello to his Publication

Hahaha..some are waiting for the app so that they can engage. Others are..we're not sure. We just have to continue doing what's best with who we have. Eventually, they'll get here.

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It wouldn't hurt to pop back in here there otherwise how would people actually now when the app is live. I'm seeing 5+ of inactivity. I want more ppl that are active on my feed. Possibly adding a feature that lets me reorganise who to follow or who im already following by the last time they were online could help.

Well, we recently implemented a system notification where admin can send everyone a message at once so when the app is live, this will be pushed out. We will take your feeback into consideration as we were looking to do something similar to this. Thanks

In response Oluwatobi Bello to his Publication

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