We're not here to damper the day of thanksgiving but to show the history behind such a day shadowed with happiness.

Many of our ancestors were not free when colonist were busy celebrating and giving thanks. What were they giving thanks for? Thankful they were able to eat while Native African Americans suffered? Thankful their families were able to eat while our ancestors were separated?

Eitherway, the day is to be celebrated how you want. Not what America pushed on us.


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Since it is our personal choice, I have in recent years become aware of who I am and will not celebrate the slaughter of my people and the takeover of their lands by my enemy. Instead, I have chosen to celebrate The Most High's Holy Days which celebrate my liberation and royalty.

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💯🙌🏿✊🏾 Agreed. They make thanksgiving sound sooooo...enlightening and welcoming so continue "your tradition" of stepping out of America's comfort zone!

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