Just simply start by asking yourself “ what can I do to lessen the chances of my son being like the men I despise?” “What can I do to help my son view women as Queens that deserve Love security & protection?” Cause I can tell you rn twerking & doing ignant things around him is not going to do that.

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they didnt have a child wth them but I'm sure when they do it'll be nothing love and positivity. Thats what these kids need more than ever now

In response Qween Jean to her Publication

You know, its crazy but I was just at dollar general and this black couple were so IN LOVE and you could tell. the man was hugging all over his lady the whole time they were shopping, he was singing to her, and even told everyone in the store that she was the love of his lfie

& I can guarantee you that man’s mother was not twerking & exposing him to toxic things as a child. WE determine the outcome of our children who will one day be adults. Can’t expect a pool of great men/women if we’re raising them the complete opposite..

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