I want some business partners. Ppl who want to get some shit done and not sit and talk all the time. I'm trying to build an empire but one man can't do that. Its crazy how much ppl complain about not having anything but they never want to build anything. Make it make sense

Ah we need it. I want to create an animation empire. Ideally all Black employees, but I'm putting in serious work and I don't have any Black artists or writers that I can partner up with. With credentials as high as mine or higher.

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I can write my ass off if you need one. since april I've done literally about a dozen short film scripts for this production team in Charlotte I'm apaprt of. we're gonna start filming a short next month. but I've written some animation scripts myself before

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Have you read 'How to Write for Animation' by Jeffrey Scott? If not, read it and continue to build your writing resume and we can do business when I get through with animation school.

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