Today I refused to get on the elevator with a yt woman & it felt great to make her feel like she was a threat to me😇. I knew she felt like a terrorist. & this is what ALL of us need to start doing- make them feel like the threat that they are.

While I love this, living in gentrified Brooklyn, I fear this may be harder on me than them. What I do, though, is I won’t open the door to my building. “I don’t know you, you don’t belong here.” 🤷🏾‍♂️

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Why do you think it’ll be harder on you than them? I just simply allowed her to go in & when she tried holding the elevator I stepped away then watched it close lol. This has become innate to us to reprogram their thinking. Like a reverse psychology

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I get it and as I said before, I love it. While some things do come natural, just not f’n with folk. In my mind, it feels more active than passive. It has become innate to you, but for me feels like a new etiquette.

I suppose, we all have our ways, but it makes sense.

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