Dear Kaepernick,  


Black women are mothers, wives, sensitive individuals, nurturers, delicate, beautiful, feminine and so much more.  


Your last post is perpetuating the agenda of white supremacy. They made the stereotype of the masculine Black woman and use us to continue to push that false narrative to the public.  


You're doing the work that's needed but don't become the pawn they are setting up to continue to destroy the Black Community and tear our women down.  

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He may be a troll who caught onto this forum. Time will tell, you know the WS can't stay away from us.

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We are under attack and everything we do that supports their agenda, only pushes us further away from progression.  


You're racially ambiguous, so you can blend in with another culture! Know your privilege and stop displaying Black women as your battle buddy!   


Gravity Roots Progress! 

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