The rate at which these individuals are exposing themselves, there may be a need for "coon of the day". 

"America is not a racist country", says the guy who's campaigning with strings attached. 

Tim Scott, that smile is unforgettable..easily recognizable in a crowd. 

It never cease to amaze us of how many of YOU are out there and what's worse, those that have aligned themselves with white supremacy. 

Continued in comments..

#blkem #B1 #standuptoracism

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A major problem in BLK LIBERATION is too many of us fail to understand that there's a RIGHT & LEFT BRANCH of supremacy, & they function in unison, & the coons they hire practice the same politics, just diff massahs... IT'S TIME WE IDENTITY THESE JUDAS'S & LET THEM ALONE IN CHOCOLATE TITANIC ✊🏽🏴

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Watching some REAL coons after last year's election. The REAL coons are the ones who despise the White man but can't make it in the world without him despise

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An abomination, detriment and forbidden just like pork to me. 🦝

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Remember that handshake you tried to get from Mike Pence and he kept it going, you sure haven't learned your lesson. 

Now you're trying harder to please massa, disrespecting your ancestors and the Black Community just for a paycheck. 

Individuals like Tim are fed a narrative and that narrative makes them do anything, just to keep them handouts coming, even if it means, going against your own.  

Don't be a Tim........B1 

#blkem #B1 #standuptoracism #WeAllWeGot

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Real coons the day after the election.

No better off than fifty years ago, no better off fifty years from now.

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