I don't know exactly how long this group has been active (if it is) or even how long I have been a member but I AM certain that I haven't seen any posts relating to the stated goal of the group, which is to discuss economic issues and ideas relating to the Black community.

Since there is so little traffic I thought I might (again) offer a suggestion to the dozen or so members who, according to statistics and behavioral studies, might be interested in discussion a project designed to build personal wealth of the participants rather than that of all 50,000,000 Blacks in the country.

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The goals of this group have been posted before. We are building as we speak. The mobile apps are in review in the app stores. We have aligned ourselves with The New Era Nation so that we can begin to bring tangibles in the community.

Blkem has had discussions with like-minded individuals in order to improve user experience and access to resources.

We are working on making it happen, it's not going to happen overnight as we are still building up.

More to come!!

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Last time I posted it I didn't get a single response, but one characteristic of people who actually get off the duff and build wealth is that they don't give up and stop marching just because nobody salutes their flag.

I won't divulge as much information as I did last time so I'll just do a quick survey and see if there is anyone around these parts who would be interested in just DSCUSSING issues such as investing, collaboration, free enterprise, etc from the perspective of creating a project (or projects) that would generate personal wealth for the members who choose to participate.

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Create a poll and see the responses from votes. You can do so by clicking the graph icon in the post publishing area.

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