Being "woke" is a state of mind.  

Being "woke" and doing the work, is your state of mind actually working. Proactivity is taking place.  

Working on preventing something from happening is where we need to be at, even if we are not always successful. 

We can sit and have a whole monologue of what needs to happen.."Monday night quarterbacking" as they say....but if we only expect others to take a stance and not ourselves, then it's not leadership. It's lack of action to change our outcome.

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being conscious does not mean that you're spiritual and being spiritual does not mean you are conscious🔥 ( consciously woke)... its TIME FOR THE DAM ACTIONNNNN BEGIND OYR EMOTIONS ...🪞

do we respond or do we react ?

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Yes...woke is a cool slang to publish or post on our content, feed or anything social but how cool it actually is when all that wokeness, still doesn't change our reality.  

Be woke, do the work! 

Gravity Roots Progress! 

#blkem #B1