As we stated before,   
We're not here to compete with other platforms and/or those that's doing the work. We want to work with you.   
We're not here to sugarcoat raw truth when we have clearly taken up the bottom class position, comfortably. We want to push content that helps us build, together.  
We're not here to seek other interest except for the Black interest, until we can establish some sort of foundation, we can throttle from. Our economic foundation is important for us.  
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#blkem #collaboration

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Using Black Empowerment for your own self-interest is disheartening and diabolical, as it does nothing to further our progress but does everything to further the progress of those who hate us.   
We are willing to work with people, who see the clear path on how we can achieve our liberation. If not our liberation, then our solidified foundation.  


Remember, white supremacy is like Gorilla Glue (No Pun Intended). They're tight-knit. They're cohesive in executing their tactics against us. They're on-code (words we love using) in ALL four corners of the world.  
That's how they're able to further their agenda and slow or stop us from furthering ours.   


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I agree wholeheartedly with this but may I ask what happened?