This is INTRINSICALLY a true statement!! This is why Black men need to do better and stop caping for everyone else!! Lift up Black women each and every day. Defend Black women, each and every day. Treat Black women each and every day. Love Black women each and every day. White supremacy thrives on seeing the disrespect our women receive and they salivate at the mouth when BLACK MEN is the culprit behind the disrespect!


OMG!!! That's what I want and SO BADLY need to hear!!! I've ALWAYS WONDERED why the white race (police officers) harass our Black men on the roads?!!! It's to INSTILL and INFLUENCE HATE towards the Black woman, where the Black man is the PAWN!!!! RACISM is ALL ABOUT "Divide and Conquer!!!!!!!!!" We as A Black race need to "GET A GRIP AND STOP THE MADNESS!!!!!!!!!!!!"

I LOVE EVERYONE, But I don't TRUST this race of people for SHYT!!!!! This is a HATEFUL race of people or WHATEVER THEY ARE!!!! I believe that they are ALIENS FROM ANOTHER PLANET!!!

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👑If no one else hears you, I hear you Queen!

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Thank you, baby!!!! Ya'll GOT ME ON FIRE TODAY!!!!! It's SO NICE to be able to release all this MESS INSIDE OF US!!!! And this ISN'T even our MESS, BUT SOMEBODY ELSE'S!!!! We're just the VICTIMS caught up in ALL OF THIS!!!!!

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