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😠PULLED UP ON#blkem TO POST THE SAME THING..... Yall see this madness huh??? yall notice its the (and i hate to say it) Dark skin Males the most.! they are trying to DESTROY the BLK MALE Masculinity...THEY are soooo afriad of a Dark SKINNED Blk Man that they will snatch them up#young to cross them over to the dark demonic side ! lawwwwddd hurry and send waves.🔥🌊🙏

The white race is "AFRAID of ALL people of the Black race!!!!" I used to live in a high rise building that at one time used to probably be all white and there lived a white woman that was intimidated by Black females (adult and children)!!! She was STRONGLY INTIMIDATED BY BLACK FEMALES!!!!


When people are trying to conquer others, the first thing that they go for is eliminating the male from the group! Then they can just come/SWOOP on in and take over the female as well!! The female is ALWAYS seen as the LESSER OF THE TWO EVILS!!!!

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I said something that was ABSOLUTELY not true!! She wasn't intimidated or afraid of the Black man, but she was of the Black female, as I stated (adults as well as children)! I'd NEVER seen this dynamic before and was just floored when I was made aware of her attitude towards Black females throughout the high rise building that we all lived in!!!