Please watch!! Let me know what you think, this documentry Blew my Mind!!!

The White Slums Of South Africa (Poverty Documentary) | Real Stories - YouTube

Reggie Yates spends a week in ..

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Dang, with all that pillaging, manipulating, harassing, pirating, raping, sabotaging, lying, and colonizing their ancestors committed....they still end up at the bottom. Where's all that master race garbage at now?

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I haven't seen this exact documentary yet, but i have seen a documentary on this matter by Reggie Yates. i think the message will be similar. Problem is that white people in Europe start to know about marginalised white people in south africa and use it as excuse for racism. "racism is everywhere" "and what about poor white people in south Africa " they are saying when confronted with racism black people experience in Europe

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Too bad this has absolutely nothing to change the situation for Blcks in AMERICA.
Who cares about what happens to whtie peplein South Africa

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you have right, it does not change the situation for black americans but it is relevant for our African brothers and sisters in south africa. We should take interest in each others issues, because only when we are able to be there for each others, we can ultimately change the narrative.

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Wow that reminded me of the scriptures that say The 1st SHALL BE LAST