"We’ve created pregnancy hampers to support Black pregnancies.
These will be gifted (free of charge).
This isn't going to solve the issue but we really hope it will help some.
Our first hampers are scheduled to go out in April and we are REALLY excited.
*Nominate yourself (you absolutely deserve it)

*Nominate someone else (they absolutely deserve it)
*Donate £40 and ‘gift it forward’ (and we’ll get one to someone we know who deserves it)"
p.s. The form is really quick to fill out all you need is the persons name and email to enter.

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In response Oluwatobi Bello to his Publication

??Thanks for sharing this bless you for putting others 1st. ??

In response Thomas Bush to his Publication

Thanks it had to be done as every little helps. I commend all the people invovled in creating this.

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