" many seem to forget to include: The abolition of slavery in the Americas and other places is owed to the economy and not the morality [..]The slave system was increasingly inefficient and unproductive as noted by the economist Adam Smith." Tidiane N'diaye.

"The difference today is that we have the comfort of working in a postcolonial world and economic and cultural interdependence, where the movement of people, ideas, and discoveries in real time, prevents falsification of the history of other. " Tidiane N'diaye.
Read about the Arab slave trade :

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i once was one of them 😌 that Libya sahara journey was not fun!!!!

Sorry, that you had to go through that. At least you came out alive. We have heard many stories from africans who travelled through lybia to come to europe. It's really horrible whats happening there. and as a woman you are twice in danger..

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Praying for tge ones that are still stuck there 🥺🥺