Why the continuous creation of divide? This is one of the weak areas in our community. Imagine if we just put it aside for one second and focus on what can make us stronger, locally and internationally!

Let's work together!!

#blkem #onelove #weareallwegot #blackempowerment

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PLEASE forgive my impatient nature, but I don't care if Whites hate me any more than I care if Blacks hate me. I judge my relationship with people based n the interactions (especially in business) between us.

Just as there are a great many Whites who are snobs who look down upon Blacks because we appear to be beneath their class. They base that feeling on the differences in our economic standing in the community. Then the intrinsic bigotry that is in all humans surfaces and they paint all Blacks with the same brush.
Blacks to the same things at different levels.

Until Black people realize that not all of us think alike we will not change very much and neither will the respect of the rest of the world (all colors and creeds) towards us.

And we must disabuse ourselves of the notion that when Whites disagree with us it is all about racism or White Supremacy.

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