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Okay stitch braids are only a 2-3 week style. Cute, but prefer a longer lasting style

I finished Bridgerton in one swoop last night. All 8 episodes.

I thought the Elmiene tickets go on sale today when it is really tomorrow! My anxious ass!

It’s my first day of officially being on my own here at the office and I’m still processing it like this morning. My CEO sent an email saying congratulations on my first day of total freedom, knowing I have to start cleaning this office out

I really came in from nothing overseas but I’m here making use of my time and pending the DHL truck

Friday starting off beautful. My raise is officially in the system and its slow AF today to where I can possibly leave after we ship these packages out.

Working from home with a gamer in the house means muting myself during sales calls so no one hears the epic gaming shouts! 😂🎮📞

Imma hella late but lemme show y’all what my Sunday was about !

Any Amazon suggestions for makeup brush holders? My man broke one of my holders and it doesn’t hold them all so I need a new one