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crazy, how I gotta be here at a certain time but everyone else come when they feel like it.

after a 2-month delay/change of date, I'm finally seeing Brent tonight!!!!


In response DeLisa Ross to her Publication

Right. Let me wake up. That means everything before noon should be in silence 😆

when your 10a meeting gets canceled because no one showed up, perfect!

I’m about to be sooooo late but it’s going to be a very slow day for me.

first full week of being a key account manager and I need to relax and treat this like my previous position for the time being.

I dunno who that woman was but if I see her car again I’m saying something. I know you THOUGHT my car did something to yours. Maybe next time don’t speed down a residential while someone is trying to get out of a spot and be aware of your surrounding

This dormant season is low key pissing me off. Every other day I’m seeing yellowing leaves

I dunno why I come to THIS particular coffee bean. They always piss me off somehow lol

In other news! I got promoted yesterday to Key Account Manager & I already have a major client under my belt 🙌🏾

I haaaaattteeeee small talk over a Skype chat. Get to the point!!!!

It's definitely been a morning, the afternoon about to be chill.

this right here!!!

Adulting is spending the little time you have on your work lunch break to call your health insurance provider.

Y'all take a bite of whatever you're eating for lunch for me.

OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YES!!!! I just stopped texting them first.

Yall know what I am sick of.....
Being the friend that checks in on everyone

This man trying to die! Said my engagement ring is gonna be a cubic zirconia! I gasped lol he bet not do that to me


Entering my 4th week of no coffee.
I can’t believe it

what is the point of giving a tracking number if you are not going to use it accordingly