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And this is what we have been saying. It's only important to some people, when issues are knocking at their door. No issues, no reason to do anything and this has to change

the better them than me attitude is cool until you become the Them and nobody comes to your rescue

retribution: punishment inflicted on someone

as vengeance for a wrong or criminal act #definition

legitimize: to make something that is not fair or honest seem acceptable #definition

Neely Fuller Jr
Each and every Victim of Racism should minimize the time and effort spent doing anything other than, thinking, speaking, and acting, in a manner that helps to eliminate Racism, and helps to establish justice. Each and every person should seek to do this, every day, in every area of activity, including Economics, Education, Entertainment, Labor, Law, Politics, Religion, Sex, and War.

If you do not understand white supremacy — what it is and how it works — everything else that you think you understand will only confuse you.

We'll be tuning in tonight to listen to TheBlackAuthority. If you are not familiar with him, it's time to get familiar.

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Information Session:

One of our Blkem users brought up a great point in a one-to-one chat.

We plan of having an informative information session about who we are, where we are at and where we see the platform going, soon.

Not sure which platform…
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We cannot change the way crakas treat & view us but we can change the way WE treat & view eachother

We have been talking about this.

Significant Ownership within the Black Community.

The First Black Owned American Auto Manufacturer

This is one of the ways in how we can elevate ourselves for the greater good!

Forget manager status..we need that OWNER status or we need to get there

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First black-owned supercar manufacturer in America. The auto company Trion SuperCars is changing the game, adding diversity into the automotive industry. It’...

If you believe in progressive development for an entity that's "FOR" the Black Community, no matter what phase it is in, then you believe that the lack of support is a disservice to that entity.

Nothing can bring change for us, EXCEPT us.

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Smile.... it just may be what someone needs to make it thru the day.🥰😘😍

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So when I came across this tweet from Chance The Rapper, I instantly thought of Blkem b/c isn’t conversations like this one of the main reasons Blkem was created?? I can’t think of a better platform for the Black diaspora to discuss this on.

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1969 SPECIAL REPORT:BLACK PEOPLE AND NIXON http://blackdocumentaries....

Burnout looms large over violence interrupters as cities look for alternatives to policing

One of the most pressing issues
it seem is our inability as a people who do not help each other look out for our basic needs as a people. Many of us are so caught up in white materialism, one reason why many of us
are easily manipulated and used. Have no refuge in each other. #Blackpriorities

With Dr. Dre's help, a new $200-million Compton High breaks ground

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