Rolling out of a Scorpio Full Moon ?
& into Pluto retrograde ( ruling zodiac Scorpio ??)
so from April 27-Aug 6 we will be in retrograde... this only means that A LOT OF SHADOW WORK WILL FORCIBLY Take Place ... that Scorpio energy is the deepest darkest of the ocean ? where you will find sea creatures never seen b4 by human eyes..
For my fellow light workers like myself ,we called for this.. this is another Ascending moment for us to become even more stronger & Righteous while on this Divine Path? . These next few months with bring out a LOT Of Healing , & Repairing..

( What’s done i

Fire zodiac signs??? (Aries, Leos, & Sagittarius) don't do nothing but destroy everything in their paths??. They gone burn up something? ????

Girl I Guess Episode 6 | Grand Rising w/ Hoodhealer

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Imani “HoodHealer” taps into her Spirtual side to discuss zodiac signs, health and wellness, dating, the misconceptions of Spirtual work, overcoming depression, suicide, and the lack of empathy to black men. We also discuss black women’s health being overlooked constantly in the medical field and doing the spiritual work to help honor your higher self.

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