"Liberate" is a black owned mediation/wellness app that y'all should check out.

Precarity: a state of existence in which material provision and psychological wellness

are adversely affected by a lack of regular or secure income #definition

In Full circle: Fitness, Wellness & Mental Health #blackhealth
All the self-care tips you need to know about, with:
- personal trainer Leezylp Leezylp - Leezylp
- yoga coach Self-Love Prescription
- fitness coach Nekisha Taneil
- wellness author Dr Audrey Tang


#OnToTheNextDay Saturday
7PM appointment ~ www.afribean.com

IN FULL CIRCLE ?: Fitness, Wellness and Mental Health
All the self care #Tips you never knew about #blackhealth

#gymlife #workout #routine #mentalhealthawareness #selfcare #yogainspiration #exercice #discipline cc (inspired by: Leezylp Leezylp )

Girl I Guess Episode 6 | Grand Rising w/ Hoodhealer

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Imani “HoodHealer” taps into her Spirtual side to discuss zodiac signs, health and wellness, dating, the misconceptions of Spirtual work, overcoming depression, suicide, and the lack of empathy to black men. We also discuss black women’s health being overlooked constantly in the medical field and doing the spiritual work to help honor your higher self.

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Superstar Barber Denny Moe on Cutting for a Cure, Being a Health and Wellness Advocate || #WisDOM by Preezy Da Kid



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In response Site Admin to his Publication

Thank you for making an unapologetically safe Black space for the nations. Love you with the love of Yahshua Hamashiach. Prayers for continued hedge of protection around you and your loved ones, continued provisions in this seasons to come, peace at heart, prosperity, and wellness. Amen, halleluYah.?????

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My podcast is a safe space for creatives to empower, educate and uplift you into the final product of self and creation

??https://astrolyszics.com/ Crystals, Jewelry,Sage, Incense, Clothes with Affirmations, and Spiritual Wellness Tools

?[poetry/fantasy/multilingual] No one asks why she became this way, but they always call her an Ice Queen. Written in various languages I ex

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