Good health is NOT the "new" wealth. Good health is THE wealth!!! Everything else is accessories 👌🏾

In response True Black Power to his Publication

The University of Power & Wealth

In response True Black Power to his Publication

"Think-tank funding often includes a combination of donations from wealthy individuals and personal contributions, with many also accepting government grants. Think tanks publish articles, studies or even draft legislation on particular matters of policy or society"

In response Shun Williams to his Publication

There may be some contradictions in the Bible but the principle still stands & the commandments or 42 laws of MAAT still bring order to the world if we choose to follow. Either way you put it being righteous & following Gods laws will bring you peace, joy, prosperity & wealth. Each person’s definition may be different

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WWYD if Black folks wealth have completely been depleted?

WWYD if there's no more significant ownership in the Black community?

WWYD when our voices are forcibly silenced because we're at the bottom?

Why wait to find out?

#blkem #B1 #blkempromo

Why not join the network for US? - YouTube

WWYD if Black folks wealth have completely been depleted?WWYD if there's no more significant ownership in the Black community?WWYD when our voices are forcib...

This is no coincidence; it is manipulation of the markets so the wealthy can stay on top by taking away any gains made by worker wage increases.

The Animosity of the Wealthy and Their War Against the Working Family

This is a long-range plan of the create more poor in order to maintain power...

Households squeezed as U.S. consumer prices accelerate, more pain coming

This is their third time in power in the last 30 years and they have done nothing to help working people and families but everything to strengthen the noose of the wealthy.

The Democrats Are Useless

If you can’t be rich in wealth be rich in love, adventure, joy, laughter, ambition & God

Tonight! we talking live about home ownership and community wealth building...

Why Do So Many Black Women Want To Marry Six Figure Men? | Black WealthThe 10K Project || THE REAL DANA

Why Do So Many Black Women Want To Marry Six Figure Men? | Black Wealth @The 10K Project - YouTube

#therealdana #judgejoebrown #blackwealthpodcastWhy do so many women want six figure men? Is it for bragging rights or is there a deeper reason? Tonight, we d...

In response Tomedian Whitmore to his Publication

To do this we must set up some type of organization/Institution. For example the Anti-Defamation League tracks hate speech against Jews and minority groups, and the Poverty Law Center also tracks hate groups. We need an institution who will track and monitor statistics in every major area of life Education, weall, poverty and Etc.

Hello All
Early August 2021, more parcels of land will be available for purchase in St. John's, AZ. This is raw land. You will need to dig a well and/or install a water catchment system. If anyone is interested in substainable living, homesteading, healing their family through the land, building generational wealth, ect please send me an emil to with how you would like to be contacted and what you plan to gain from land ownership.

Please refrain from sending an email if you are interested in bringing the city to the area as this will not be suitable for you.

Punish the wealthy and take away their toys...but hurt not the oil and the wine...

Wall Street ends sharply lower as Delta variant spooks investors

Welcome back to Jim Crow. The bigoted justice system is owned by the wealthy...

US Supreme Court rules in favour of voter restrictions

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