If you can get to the table PLAY TO WIN you never know who else Opportunity is attached to your success.

We're running out of patience too Joe. - The Black/African-American/Indigenous community.

1) I guess biracial commercials and Congressional dance circles really is our reparations package from the government. Can't even get a formal apology, but take this vaccine or lose any form of economic footing that might help get you ahead or keep you afloat.

2) The choice to vaccinate is yours and yours alone. Do what's best for you. But these tactics of division will not continue.

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"and why many cultists leave their groups

if they spend a substantial amount of time

away from the group

or have an opportunity

to discuss their doubts with an intimate" #quotes

Black Community Group Placed The Highest Bid For A Mall and It Was Rejected https://youtu.be/9DJwcOLdsGE via@YouTube History repeats itself. They don't want us to have another Black Wall Street...

Black Community Group Placed The Highest Bid For A Mall and It Was Rejected - YouTube

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Poisoning our kids with History??? This is where the actual problem begin, I truly believe that if we know our History, That should motivate us to once again prove all those negative stereotypes as a LIE! letting them know that laws was passed & policies created to keep us on the bottom of the social ladder, Being the father of 2 young women, I used every trick to motivate them to rise above all the obstacles they've faced inspite of all the Lies, Now both of them are working to become medical doctors with aspirations to open Health Clinics in the Black Community one day.

I understand some of the outrage about the Texas law being passed but at the same time this an opportunity to start teaching and learning our own History without the oppression. We have stop allow them to tell us about us why would we give them that power. Facts are Facts but what people believe is what they move on. Teach your children self esteem before you poison them with their history.

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Well, there's many people in the Black community that do not like cops or want to associate themselves with them so rather than call 911, addressing the situation right there and then is priority for them...we see this online, many many times.

I agree we should have our own language. It would at minimum give us some privacy in public and on public forums. It would guard our culture before the world co-opts, minstrelizes, and monetizes it. It would enable us to encapsulate our community while we build economic independence. And if we manage to keep it a secret, we could get a significant head start on the international destructive tactics of modern cointellpro activities. I disagree on using ebonics only because of its relation to English.

Recently Illinois Rep. Jesús García (D) stated that he will not vote for the Budget Reconciliation Bill unless a pathway to citizenship is included in it for undocumented immigrants. That same week, South Carolina Rep. Jim Clyburn refused to answer questions from his constituency concerning reparations and his unwillingness to be more aggressive with pushing for a policy that specifically server Black America in the face of Joe Biden signing executive orders for the AAPI, LGBTQ, and Immigrant community. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vqFascB8Xb8

Hispanic Politicians Are Demanding Policy While Jim Clyburn Sells Out Black America And Reparations - YouTube

Recently Illinois Rep. Jesús García (D) stated that he will not vote for the Budget Reconciliation Bill unless a pathway to citizenship is included in it for...

White and Asian companies have a lock on the black hair market yet the don't use ANY of the products. This is as ridiculous as dark skinned black people having a lock on suntan lotion distribution. By buying black we can put every non black owner of black hair products out of business. I would gladly pay a monthly fee to support access to black owned products to out community. Put the oppressors out of business.#blackhair #buyblack #blackbusiness #BlackOwnedBusiness #blackgirlmagic #blackwomen #blackentrepreneurs #supportsmallbusiness #BlackExcellence #blackbusinessowner #blackfashion

I just figured out (actually it was on Laura Ingraham last night) why there has not been more media hype and hysteria about the 11 armed militiamen who were picked up the other day on their way to "training".

And the media missed a great opportunity to add fuel to the PHONY JANUARY 6 INSURRECTION HYPE.

Africa News

#togo inaugurated west africas biggest solar plant
#Uganda 200 street vendors have been arrested because of covid restrictions

#somalia elections in October

#sudan peace talks in Khartoum

African womens handball cup Cameroon against#angola

Military under attack

Africas Presidents:

#southafrica ex president has been jailed

#mauritania ex president has been jailed

#ivorycoast ex president returned to his native village

#Nigeria Buhari flies to England for a medical visit

#gabon President urges unity among the populatio

Sha’Carri Richardson lets WEED Ruin Track Star Opportunity || The Saint and The Sinner by Marquett


#shacarririchardson #ShaCarri #wysiwyg

Sha’Carri Richardson lets WEED Ruin Track Star Opportunity - YouTube

Let's discuss and debate the implications of track athlete failing drug test ( tests positive for marijuana). We can also address the black people and drug a...

this time we're discussing artist art by andi and their contribution to being an ally to the black goth community during black history month. andi has been contributing visual media for the subculture for awhile. the goth life is recognizing and celebrating our black members of the subculture.

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can anyone give me an example

of a community of white people

peacefully coexisting with others

anywhere in the world?

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