2. and that any further communicating with you, is with them accepting the terms & conditions of the commercial contract IN THE PRIVATE (the cop and their CHIEF and their POLICE UNION is now with PERSONAL liability.... because Notice-to-Agent-is-Notice-to-Principal... and also through adhesion contract(JOINDER)...and they also lose their qualified immunity).


Happy Afrikan Union and Liberation Day.#georgefloyd #KwameNkrumah#HaileSelassie#MarcusGarvey#BookerTWashington

Displaying Intimacy takes Maturity || The PRACTITIONER Speaks#DomGame by C Boogie

▶️ https://youtu.be/xUbMt4b2w-M

#DomGameDivision #DGD #CBoogieProductions #relationships #union #Masculinity

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After Coming to America 2 there has been a rise in interest in the African Diaspora returning home to create a global superpower. If any generation was primed to start the process its ours. We need to push for that 6th region of the African Union spot, create the voters bloc, and do exactly what J Edgar Hoovers FBI was terrified of: Global Black Unity.

There's the African Union flag, but I don't know if I like it 😂

The fugitive act was passed before the emancipation proclamation. Them crackas called our ancestors "contraband" & "property." When Abraham Lincoln came in talmbout all of our ancestors are free, them crackas was like, "how you gonna free our property that we paid our money for?" "Who's going to reimburse us for our money that we paid?" Boom, the civil war started over our ancestors 🤦🏾‍♂️. The movie "Glory" feat. Morgan Freeman and Denzel Washington give a little insight on how the Union Army(Abraham Lincoln) was treating our ancestors during the Civil War.

Yall saying this a family reunion but where the food at 🤨

how this app out for like a day and we acting like this a family reunion this is why this app is the best 😂

so this really finna feel like a big family reunion??

Well, here we are, exactly one full month into the Biden presidency and STIIL no word on what the great one is doing for the very ones who pulled his ass from defeat and across the finish line ahead (so they say) of Donald Trump.

Green cards for Dreamers, Amnesty for tens of millions of illegals, COVID vaccinations for illegal border crossers, Transgender equities, teachers' unions, environmentalists and the list goes on and on.

I guess if we scroll down that list and wait long enough we just might see a few scraps thrown out to the Black community.

Or maybe this is just par for the c

Africa News (2/3)

#drc #congo president tshisekedi to be chairman in African union; supporters of president to remove Kaliba ally from office ; parliament approves of presidents pick for a new speaker, who is loyal to tshisekedi; prime minister Ilunga resigns after censure; #UN warns against crimes against humanity in Congo after ongoing rebel attacks

#centralafricanrepublic rebel commander appears for ICC ; 2,000 displaced find refuge in school after escalating violence ; delegates call for peace at summit in#luanda

#africaunite #africanews #africannews

It's officially scheduled as a BUY BLACK WEEKEND!
Meet us and over 75 more Black owned businesses at the Black Flea Market this weekend, January 30th 1-5pm EST at Union Station: 510 W Martin St, Raleigh, NC 27601 & January 31st 1-5pm at 2235 Garner Rd, Raleigh, NC 27610
Circulating the Black dollar and empowering the collective!
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Law enforcement says that more Trump protests are planned ... these will happen in every state capitol in the Union ... and these will be ARMED marches and protests !!!!

When the shooting starts, who do you think they will shoot first?
Protect yourself, Brothers and Sisters.

It is time that America learned that white skin can not be an excuse for lawlessness.

Michael Moore: The Terrorist Att..

Many of the attackers are still in D.C. They were aided and abetted by certain members of the police, military and Republican party. And Wednesday's terror a...

In unity there is strength. Together, we can achieve ANYTHING.
L'union fait la force. C'est en cela que je crois! Ensemble, on peut tout accomplir.
#unity #union #power #strength #blackpower #lunionfaitlaforce #ensemble

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