#drc #congo military attacks ,

People displaced by volcano are left alone by government

#chad accuses#centralafricanrepublic of killing 6 soldiers

#somaliland parlamental elections

#southsudan UK cuts aid for emergency food

#ethiopia ongoing war

#Namibia is not to accept Germanys money offer because of genocide in the past

#nama chef is not being heard

#southafrica protestors want prostitution to be decriminalised

#Africa #africanews #africannews #panafrican #everydayafrica #africaunite #exploreafrica

Article from Al Jazeera, Africanews.com, face2faceafr

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Like most FADS sone just say it because it's trending but very few recognize the significance in which it shoukd be used. I am prayerful that it replaces BITCH ...A word the community i took way to far and had young girls referring to themselves by a derogatory word i which they never realized hiw much it devalued them

"How long are you going to let others

determine the future for your children?

are we not warriors?

when our Ancestors went into battle

they did not know what the consequences were going to be

all they knew is if they did nothing

things would not go well for their children"#quote

Winona Laduke, Indigenous activist

IRAQ 🇮🇶 WAR With C Boogie productions vol.1 | Views From The 50 cal || Dom Game Division by C Boogie


IRAQ ?? WAR With C Boogie productions vol.1 | Views From The 50 cal - YouTube

Please like share and subscribe to the channel. Support the movement !!!! THE BOOK: Overcoming Your Fears Available On Amazon Now\ https://www.amazon.com/dp/...

Godfrey said this 🦝Heffer is suffering from Post Traumatic sellout disorder... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9pUKbQZyOA8&t=209s

Godfrey GOES OFF On Candace Owens For Saying The Derek GUILTY Chauvin Verdict Was WRONG - YouTube

Godfrey GOES OFF On Candace Owens For Saying The Derek GUILTY Chauvin Verdict Was WRONG #Godfrey #CandaceOwens #DerekChauvin#GeorgeFloydPAYPAL- https://www.p...

Ego Vs The Streets || Halfcast Podcast by Chuckie Online


Ego Vs The Streets || Halfcast Podcast - YouTube

Tricky talks taking both feet out of the streets and squashing old beef, intro's his business partner and they discuss doing talks at schools. Also, Jake Pau...

Another slap in the face from the Biden-Harris Administration...


Native Americans Receive $31 Billion Under Biden Admin But $0 For Black Community That Voted For Him - YouTube

It has recently been announced that Native American communities will be receiving $31 billion in aid to assist in restoring their community during our curren...

One Down ... Plenty more to approve the distribution 🌹

Under The Mental Health Act - My 911 by Sylvaine Francis





The Development of the Individual Requires Sacrifice | Russell Brand & Mikhaila & Dr Jordan B Peterson


The Development of the Individual Requires Sacrifice | Russell Brand & Mikhaila & Jordan Peterson

Full video at: https://youtu.be/ISHmPXOS_OgThe process of maturation requires multiple levels of sacrifice, including what some would call the ultimate sacri...

Africa News (1/2)

#gambia upholds ban on skin bleaching products

#gabon wants more equality between men and women

#sierraleone fire inferno

#Nigeria and crypto currencies , Benin Bronze to be returned from#uk

#ivorycoast ranks fourth in global rubber production; Ouattara names Patrick Achi as prime minister

#senegal activists released, call to exit French retail companies; journalists allege increased intimidation against Ousmane Sonko; economic struggle amid covid

delve deep with me into this racked by voxs' article meet hte black girls of goth. in this article writer nadra nittle covers the expression and thoughts of being a black women or teen in goth by interviewing various people who create and share in the scene. from the craft to the fashion runway to music nadra covers it all.

and i'm here to give my hot takes on her perspective and intertwine some more thoughts of what the interviewed express.


Thanks for watching my video,commenting your thoughts and opinions, and liking!

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The trick to racism white supremacy is to pretend it doesn't exist till it's exposed...


White Biz Owner's LEAKED Plan to ‘Take Out’ All Black People [FULL AUDIO + DETAILS] Exclusive

Alan Weaver (LaGarnge, Georgia business owner), has some alleged LEAKED audio that is beyond incriminating. I've had the pleasure of corresponding with the g...

i need to find an artist in the US to paint my portraits because the money transaction to the UK be too mf high for my liking 😩

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