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Ohhhhh and Love Alarm, it's a Netflix Original so uk it's good!! They're having s2 coming next week and I am beyond excited!!!

Afribean Newsletter is here, with:

- FIXT festival, Virtual Careers Fair (6th-7th of March)
- Queens Project UK (7th of March)
- Monika Ribeiro - helping you with your book
- Divine Legacy Publishing, LLC - helping you self publishing
- Sherley ou BAB - Artist from French Guiana
- Nzaou Robert - Congolese Photographer
- Favourite Things UK
- JumpJack Consulting - putting the passion back into healthcare
- Cassis Creative - Mother's Day gifts
- Books:
-- Children of Virtue and Vengeance by Tomi Adeyemi Children of Blood and Bone (Leg

the way I was dreaming my husband would be a tall, African, francophone man from the UK

Nah bc this was the first thing I thought about bc uk blackfacing is strong these days.....

i dread the day the mayo monkeys find out ab this shit nd i alr kno they gon pull some bs nd start catfishing as niggas or sum they wanna be included sooo bad

yusuke with the dussé 😂. whoever created this picture deserves the world.#animeislife

i was@tsukishimae but i got logged out for no reason at all😑😑

Police called on starving white people dumpster diving for food!

Dozens swarm Fred Meyer dumpsters to ‘rescue’ food after outage - YouTube

Police had to intervene when d..

Are Men WASTING Their Sexual SUPER POWER??? || Halfcast Podcast by Chuckie Online#uk#podcast


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Repost from Instagram
Traditional Dance from the Kingdom of Eswatini.

1. Video@hrhprincesssikhanyiso
Original Caption:
Tiyagwebana. Kusile Mbali. Kusile kumaJukujuku.#reeddance2018#reeddance#reedcutting#umshuco#reedcuttingwalk#reeddancefestival#Eswatini#culture#Eswatinidance

Africa News (1/3)
-3 slides-
#southafrica probe finds 17m$ hole in Covid funds; receives first batch of covid vaccine

#malawi health services under pressure

#mozambique president announced curfew

#tanzania no interest in covid vaccine

#Uganda warlord has been found guilty of war crimes

#rwanda protests UK travel ban

#ethiopia over 20,000 refugees are missing in#tigray ; arrests 15 over UAE embassy attack
#sudan warns Ethiopia against filling the dam without deal

delve deep with me into this racked by voxs' article meet hte black girls of goth. in this article writer nadra nittle covers the expression and thoughts of being a black women or teen in goth by interviewing various people who create and share in the scene. from the craft to the fashion runway to music nadra covers it all.

and i'm here to give my hot takes on her perspective and intertwine some more thoughts of what the interviewed express.

Thanks for watching, and commenting, and liking!
Make my cash app jingle, $jessinking1

Another GEM from our beloved#MotownZouk - Caressé Moin (translate with tender touches of massage or hug)

Malavoi ft. Marie-José Alie
It's just a pleasure to revisit the past with these translations of Kreyol lyrics ❤️🧘🏾❤️


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