Tupac was a thug but also a GENTLEman & wasn’t afraid to show it. He had a soft spot for women. He RESPECTED women especially the women that respected themselves. He wasn’t afraid of women, not even “strong” women. Tupac was truly a rare breed

I will neveerrr forgive y’all for letting Tupac die😞

When we tell people, we are doing the work, we really meant it..but they still doubt.

"Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, others make it happen"

Teaser of what's to come...@New_Era_Nation

#blkem #B1 #tupac #blackowned #theactionablenetwork #neweranation

We as Blacks are seperatist we divide over sex, skin tone, age, food perference, political party, anti or pro Kanye, Tupac/Biggie, Vax/No Vax, Pro Gun and alot other unproductive issues. They say the Nazi was the greatest war machine ever but they was defeated when begin to fight the war on two fronts. #food for thought pick your battles wisely

In response tydolla $ign to his Publication

Patience @tupacsmaid . Mobile app coming soon. You were on those plantation platforms before..now you're free!

If the system don't change, we change the system OR we change the way we do things. Changes - Tupac #blackchange #wechange

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