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This platform is genuine genius, Fam. Whatever tech support is working on, have patience everyone, the kinks/ bug issues will be worked out. This forum was obviously composed for US TO COME TOGETHER CREATING SOLUTIONS RATHER THAN RANT ABOUT THE CONTINUING CHALLENGES WE AS A CULTURE GET BOGGLED DOWN WITH. ALL WE HAVE IS EACH OTHER, FAMILY.

Technically I’m suppose to be celebrating my Bday next yr not this year since I told myself every TWO years is my birthday not 1 year. Cause ain’t nobody finna tell me when I’m “aging” lol. I age when I want to. I should make it every 3 yrs…

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Thank you for being open-minded about the post. I’m not the most tech savvy person, but are these apps like WhatsApp truly encrypted? I deleted my tracker last month and I tracked everything because of its convenience. All in all a fail safe anything would be great.

In response Susan Jackson to her Publication

can’t post the video….someone call technical support….

What are the traits that define Web 3.0?

How long has long has the Metaverse actually been around?

What's the next innovation for Cloud technology?

Join us as we get down to the basics of understanding the new digital age, with Jurnell Cockhren (Civic Hacker), Rashad Russell (Beyond Light Creations) and co-host of The D.A.M. Podcast, Brian Sexton. #thatsthescenario #BlackRadio #technology #NFTs #virtualreality #blackintech #metaverse #digitalcurrency

Blockchain is not our friend. Because the dominant society has tied it to currency or something of value we need or use to buy/sell/trade, it seems like it's all the rave now, but for Black people, blockchain technology will be digital slavery for our children, grandchildren, and future Black children globally.

We need to understand the true intentions of blockchain as written by its creators to understand how it will enslave us, forever.

"A think tank, or policy institute, is a research institute that performs research and advocacy concerning topics such as social policy, political strategy, economics, military, technology, and culture"

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as of right now im “technical support” but i overall am just trying to be a network admin or security analyst.

Lol I can’t even get my nails done cause they’re too fragile 😩 but I love seeing my Black nail techs getting their bag & taking business away from Asians lol

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I can't remember the last time I went to a nail salon ... I've been doing my own foot soaks and manis and Mmy nails are healthy and strong ... I know I've saved a lot of money and it's become a BIG part of my self care

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It does not economically sustain us. It does not give us a political advantage. It does not bring hope to our community. It does not bring Justice to our love ones. It does not stop genocide against the black community. It does not stabilize our foundation. It does NOT bring the world together. 

IN ALL, it does not matter because everyone comes together ONLY when there’s tragedy but when that tragedy is over, it’s back to business, destroying what’s left of the Black community through politics, medical, education, technological etc.. 

Be smart. Every fight is NOT our fight.    

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