Peace Peace,
I have made my journey to Afrika and I am looking for a community to be apart of that is about advancing the spiritual growth of the black diaspora. If you are located in Tanzania, or know anyone who is located in Tanzania, id like the opportunity to connect. Specifically if you are in the Dar Es Salaam area. Asante sana family

Africans have more in common than we have differences.

These are farming dances from Guinea and Tanzania.

So now you would also know where the former slave masters got the idea of playing bantu drums while enslaved people where working on the plantations in the #carribean

#Nigerian movement for the liberation of the western Sahara condemns France's actions
3 Abducted schoolgirls have been found shot

#zimbabwe deadlock over tobacco transportation fares

#southafrica lawyers representing Zuma are withdrawing

#tanzania braces for cyclone ,
Suluhu doesn't want to be compared to Magufuli ,
Oil deal with Uganda

#liberia #ivorycoast Liberian men had been killed during attack on ivorian military base

#ethiopia #tigray sexual violence as weapon of war

#Namibia protest against oil company

#kenya shortage of HIV drugs


All hail as The Queen of Heaven Returns! Another African Matriarch is rising to power following the death of President John Magufuli on Wednesday. May his soul rest in power. Samia Suluhu Hassan will be making history, as the first woman to be president in East Africa.
#blkem #blkemstrong #samiasuhuluhassan #tanzania #presidentjohnmagufuli #Africa

A follow up to my last post:
I am not a Tanzanian, but I feel like this was one of the few African leaders who tried to do something good for his people. The western media criticized him heavily, for not using corona tests, since he tested a papaya and other which turned out to be positive, for using the herbal remedie #covidorganics from #madagascar , and last for not wanting to take any corona vaccines.

#africaunite #Africa #africanews #africannews #africanleaders #magufuli #tanzania

Rest in Power??
The President that refused to take covid vaccinations and treated the sickness with the herbal remedie covid organics from Madagascar. (Did you know, Artemisia is also good to treat Malaria?)
I remenber when i read the news that President Magufuli announced that private and other persons buying cashews in the country had to pay fair prices to the farmers or else the government will buy all cashews (as chashew production is an important sector of tanzanias economy). Some time later I read that he send out the military to buy all cashews available. i was impressed.

In response Hi. My Name Is to his Publication

first Tanzania , then kenya, then go to the west coast & hit freetown in serria leone... its not as expensive as were thinking.. ??

Africa News
#tanzania admits covid cases under WHO pressure after being in denial

#Nigeria 300 school kids abducted , 42 released

#ghana starts vaccinations

#guinea continues fight against Ebola

#niger post electoral violence after elections last Sunday

#cameroon military accused of raping more than 20 women, imprisoning of 9 homosexual persons, 2 cases of polio

#republiccongo accused of ordering weapons from Azerbaijan

#congo faults #rwanda army for killing of Italian convo

#senegal starts vaccinations, strips of immunity from opposition minister sonko in ca

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Well we know rhe presidential of tanzania ?? isn't accepting that vaccine. As soon as he spoke his mind out him. They added tanzania to the CDC list has high priority and they claim there are terrorist attacks going on. Meanwhile Black Americans who are in tanzania right now are making YouTube videos stating this false narrative is to push an agenda. Africa needs to push back against this vaccine but the bootlicks in government only care about money so the people will suffer smh

Africa News (1/3)
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#southafrica probe finds 17m$ hole in Covid funds; receives first batch of covid vaccine

#malawi health services under pressure

#mozambique president announced curfew

#tanzania no interest in covid vaccine

#Uganda warlord has been found guilty of war crimes

#rwanda protests UK travel ban

#ethiopia over 20,000 refugees are missing in #tigray ; arrests 15 over UAE embassy attack
#sudan warns Ethiopia against filling the dam without deal

Africa News (2/3)
#Uganda Bobi Wine is not under house arrest anymore; 3 suspected rebels had been arrested

#mozambique cyclone has effected 250 000 people; they still have to prepare for more flooding

#congo parliament votes for removal of prime minister

#Nigeria Amnesty accuses Nigeria of covering up the murder of protestors ; president Buhari replaces top military commanders ; Shell has to pay for oil Spills

#sudan denies occupying #ethiopa

#us says #eritrea should leave #tigray

#tanzania president doubts covid vaccine

#Mali rival ethnic groups signed

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